Bruno Bernal Doubles Down On His Use Of The N-Word: “I Don’t Give A Fuck”

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brunorEarlier this week, gay porn star Bruno Bernal used the n-word in an Instagram post to insult the African-American barber who was cutting his hair. Fans swiftly called out Bernal for his racism, but he defiantly rejected the criticism and refused to apologize. Today, Bernal is doubling down on his use of the word (and, he actually uses it again) in another social media post.

This time, Bernal has taken to Twitter to share what he claims is a message he received from one of his black fans, who assures Bernal that he is “not racist at all.” The alleged fan justifies Bernal’s use of the n-word—which, again, he used to insult a black man who was cutting his hair—by stating that he too uses the n-word to “describe ignorant black people.” Here’s the fan’s message, as posted by Bernal today:

Di8j8yXU4AAeracIn case you thought this couldn’t get any worse, think again. Here was Bruno Bernal’s response to the fan, which he also shared on Twitter:

Di8j8yXUwAEtUYSThe fact that Bernal (and his alleged “fan”) can’t or won’t acknowledge that using the n-word to insult a black person is literally the textbook definition of racism shows just how stupid he is. The fact that he’s telling people to “fuck off” and “be less sensitive” over the word shows that he might be a sociopath, too. I wonder what the black barber being called the n-word in Bernal’s Instagram would have to say to Bernal if he saw that video?

On a somewhat related note, Bruno Bernal is still a gay porn star, and he actually has a scene being released today. The scene was already scheduled for release prior to Bernal’s racist comments, and while the studio hasn’t pulled the scene down, they did issue this statement:

Due to recent events, the [Bruno Bernal] scene will not be promoted by us. We prefer that it also not be promoted by our affiliates. Moving forward, we will no longer be working with the actor involved in the recent events.

This is good to hear, and hopefully other studios will follow suit.

  • Iain Gardener

    A cardinal rule in life is when you’re in a hole stop digging

  • Shawn

    It is the absolute worst thing when a member of a minority speaks to a bigot on behalf of the entire community.

    “i’m a black guy and I think its okay for you to be racist”

    Get real, don’t suck up to bigots…

    • RioVerde

      Whenever someone chooses to become the voice for a minority they either do great work or they inevitably do damage.

    • Mike Julius

      If this person even exists

    • c_find

      Their are Dumb people or every race. Theirs quite a few black and other minorities that have internalized racism. It’s a very difficult topic to address because you call them out and it just turns into two ethic people fighting and is used to by bigoted individuals as proof why minorities should not have a voice. You don’t call them out and Bigoted individuals use them as an example of why their racist shit ain’t racist.

  • Quinton Jackson

    The good ole “my black friends” argument. This sloppy hoe probably don’t even have half black friends.

    Worst thing in life! Gay pornstars who have the brain of a 4th grader and can’t properly spell or fully understand that we only care about them when their clothes are off!

    Bitch sucked Max Konnor’s dick and now he thinks he can say the N-word. Gurl, bye.

    • n24rc

      Yep. Bigots are everywhere. Including within-group dynamics: I mean how many gay men activately say “no fems,” “no asians,” “no blacks,” or “no fats.”

    • c_find

      Sad thing is He probably does have black friends. There’s enough black gay men that run after anything that is lighter and not black. :-(

    • Probably don’t even have quarter black ones either.

  • FieldMedic

    I hate when people say “Well grow a thicker skin!” What kind of society do they want to live in? One where misogyny, sexism, homophobia, transphobia and all the other -phobias are just tolerated? Do they want to live in the 1950’s again? There’s a reason why those mores were thrown away, because they only benefited white, heterosexual males. Personally I’ll take a few “P.C.” outrages and over-reactions over living in that sort of oppressive and limited world, thank you very much.

    • nick

      I think a lot of people, the ones who voted for you know who, would love to go back to the 1950s and are actively trying to make it happen.

  • stephen
    • nick

      Me too, that scene will get released once this “blows over”

  • Xzamilloh

    I didn’t know Candace Owens watched gay pork. Well good on her taking time off from appearing on Fox News to trash the black community to virtue signal for this piece of shit.

    And the stupidity of saying if it were a White person that he had said it to or about this wouldn’t be a big deal. If it were a white person, he wouldn’t have used the n-word. Point Blank. How are people this damn stupid?

  • On one hand I don’t expect much from guys who I watch primarily for their… er, visual assets. As Dianne Weist said in Bullets over Broadway… “Don’t…. speak!” On the other, it’s just depressing to see, even in adult films, this casual use of language and attitudes that just seem so… present, these days. I’m old enough to remember when this was supposed to be all peace, love and doing what’s in your own bag, man. Nobody wants the erotic experience to require us to work out the nations racial problems. Love, baby. That’s where it’s at.

  • Scrapple

    I have a few comments.

    1. “I won’t give a fuck” will be my standing statement concerning any future Bruno scenes.

    2. Men has promoted scenes featuring models with criminal pasts (heyyyyy Sebastian), but they’re cutting ties with Bruno? I’m quite shocked.

    3. I’m fully believing this “fan” is actually Antonio Biaggi.

    • n24rc

      You have every right to decline to watch, promote, or pay for content by anyone who you disagree with – that is the point of freedom of speech, you have the right to say what you want, just as I have the right decide to react. This includes not buying genres of music. 😀

      • Scrapple

        I don’t recall saying you didn’t have the right to decline buying a specific genre of music. I recall stating your need to dismiss an entire genre of music based on stereotypes and preconceived ideas about what that music incorporates says something about you, not the people who produce that music. Nobody is telling you to like rap music. But you’re wrong for implying the entirety of rap culture is focused on demeaning gays and women.

        • n24rc

          I’m confused, then why are you still LECTURING me about my right to choose what genres to ignore on the basis of their willful ignorance and bigotry on their artists.

          Don’t forget, women are also demeaned – so I’m not just NITPICKING on one item of their bigotry.

          • Scrapple

            I have no idea what you’re talking about. I haven’t commented to you in months.

    • Hari Kalyan

      Something’s definitely fishy with that statement. I’m willing to bet MindGeek under performed last quarter, perhaps subscriptions were down across their entire enterprise and investor confidence is shook, so they need to ensure their brand doesn’t deteriorate any further. Cue this perfect PR op to resuscitate their image a bit as the company that cares about social issues. Release a short statement cutting ties with a second tier porn model who probably was only contracted for one scene. But still release the scene. Meanwhile MEN continues to employ the Brodie Sinclairs and Jake Porters of the world.

      • Scrapple

        Yeah. And Bruno might not have been a well-received model, and/or he was difficult to work with.

  • Donald Horn

    Totally surprised by men. com’s response. Now, Johnny Rapid be gangbanged by six black guys in jail cell.

  • jsn38

    I bet he won’t dare tell that barber that to his face in fact I know his bitch ass won’t! I mean if you bold and brazen to talk about it on Instagram for your “fools” I mean “fans” then the next time you take your dumber than rocks spelling ass back in that barber shop make sure before you sit your sweet ass down in that chair that you tell that man not to talk because he sounds like an ignorant you know what! And as far as his “fan” is concerned, I was going to drag that Uncle Tom but….. I’m a black man myself and I don’t like nor use that word but the one thing I will EVER do is tell some bigot that it’s OK for you to call someone who is probably 3x’s as intelligent as him something that derogatory! It just makes me wonder how or what his thought perception would be if in that barber shop he had one or that whole shop of patrons in there calling him a homophobic slur and then posting it all over social media. I swear I wish we could just go back to the old days where these sex workers were all seen and never heard because just like that idiot in the white house, they feel like rather than confronting people head on they have to run to social media and bitch and moan like a bunch of 16 yr olds on their damn cycle! Maybe rather than worrying about his hair, that doesn’t really help his looks none, he and that other simpleton I mentioned spend more time at the fucking gynecologist getting their hormones under control!!!

  • Hush-ins

    Not even deserving a shit list or ignore list.

  • byeberlin
  • Ninja0980

    When has racism or homophobia ever bothered MEN before?

    • LoveCoates

      Bruno should have just been racist under his real name like Sean Cody Curtis. Then everybody here would just ignore it, and they wouldn’t feel forced to virtue signal like they actually care.

      • Cold Fire


        • I can’t remember but it had to do with Obama and the good ol’ monkey term racists like to use on Black people.

  • Ninja0980

    Sad to say but being a racist asshole doesn’t hurt you in the porn industry.
    Men.Com might drop him but other sites won’t.

  • n24rc

    Ahem. I think the rap culture is the problem, using the word “nigga” legitimizes the behavior and it promotes younger blacks to say it’s acceptable even by white counterparts.

  • nodoubtfan

    Fuck Bruno and his “if” apology. Props to MEN to ditching him too.

  • some charge

    But MEN will still work with scum like Jake Porter?

  • Orlando Chan

    The funny thing is. he definitely has african ancestry.

    • Jeff Shew

      He’s Brazilian–most of them do….unless they come from Rio Grande do Sul, in which case they are completely Kraut. It’s the whitest state in Brazil.

  • JustAndra

    Was he man enough to say to the barbers face, I think not.

  • Kevin Jones

    Good riddance! His scenes were lackluster at best.

  • Marcus Collack

    1. So he “only uses the n-word to describe ignorant black people, and I don’t like them either.” So if this person was ignorant and not black, they would just be ignorant, but because they are black, they are the n-word. That’s Racist. That is from the root of the racist tree.

    2. “As a black man I can tell you’re not racist, not at all, not even a little.” – You don’t know him, you jack off to him on a computer screen.

    3. As it was foretold, there will be people who give him a pass because some find him attractive. – We Found one. (Sort of)

  • FrenchBug

    When we think about the fate of African-American men in porn, one should reflect on Max Konnor who is in the space of a month was cast in a movie called “Black Cocks Matter” and has a scene with Bruno Bernal coming up in a few weeks (for Raging Stallion).
    Think about it, folks. Even when they get to work, this is the kind of people they have to work with.

  • onyx081

    ” I would appreciate it if those who were offended grow a thicker skin”

    I hope Bruno and those who agree with him keep that same energy when they’re called a faggot by a straight person

  • Greninja

    Nigga/nigger basically calls someone not human. Nigga is a more casual way to call someone sub-human, and nigger is more formal classic version. I wish everyone would stop using it to refer to people.

  • bob80

    This word shouldn’t be used by anyone. I mean black people can use it amongst themselves, just like gay people use the word fag as a joke when we’re together, but it shoudldn’t be in mainstream conversation, media or songs. It’s so ridiculous that I can hear this word on the radio but I can’t say it myself (not that I’d want to, it’s a hateful word, I’m not going to say it but I don’t want to hear it either). Many people wouldn’t use that word if it wasn’t everywhere in our music industry.

  • TheLisp
  • lordgabux

    How can we call each other something and be this dramatic when somebody else uses the same word. If a word is wrong, it should be wrong in all contexts. All this racial BS is bothering AF. You can all be singing the n word loud as hell but the minute some other race use it (even singing) you get all bent out of shape.

    Stop calling each other names and then other people will follow your example. Respect each other and other people will respect you more easily. Stop being victims of your own actions.