Brute Club And Armond Rizzo Are Fighting On Twitter Over François Sagat

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brutearGay porn star Brute Club (remember Brute Club?) hasn’t actually been in a gay porn scene in, like, a year, but he still manages to provoke people on Twitter, which I guess is probably more entertaining than most of his porn? Today, he had a Twitter war with gay porn star Armond Rizzo, and it all started with Brute tweeting about François Sagat’s comeback:


While Brute was probably just being hyperbolic (and, obviously, he didn’t mention any specific bottom), Armond Rizzo still took issue with the tweet. Armond told Brute to “fuck off” (although, his emoji is using an index finger, not the middle finger, so he might be saying “first off”?), and he reminded Brute that he hasn’t “broken into the US market”:

ba2Brute explained that his tweet was merely his “personal opinion”:


And then, Armond Rizzo made fun of Brute’s low follower count on Twitter. Ouch:


From there, things got somewhat nasty, as these gay porn star Twitter wars normally do.

ba4a ba5 ba6 ba7 ba9 ba10Anyway, François Sagat’s comeback scene goes live on June 24th! Have a nice day.

  • Stevie D

    Armond wasn’t saying “fuck off” with that emoji, he was saying “first off.” But he did come off as kind of insecure. Brute was just making a general statement because he’s most likely a fan of Francios Sagat and showing his support. Armond decided he needed to intervene and he got what he got lol.

  • pangelboy

    Well damn, Brute Club, please let Armond Rizzo truly know how you feel about him….that last tweet…wow


      May be their some truth 2 Brute’s last comment because Armonds Twitter rant sounds more personal than legitimate critique !!!

  • All these proud porn whores throwing shit at each other is ridiculous. Brute was rather brutal calling Armond a prolapsed oompa and insidious hole.

  • McM.

    Lol. Austin Wolf made a vague threat and Brute Club got a two-for-one in

    • Wow. That might be on of the greatest clapbacks ever.

    • Danny Boi

      ugh the small dick joke isn’t funny, not to mention Austin is big. just not monster big. I’m much smaller than Austin. I was on Brute’s side at first, but this is cruel. ;//

    • Jordy


    • OverKill
      • Stevie D

        Brute’s dick isn’t that big either…he’s average at best. It just looks bigger because he has a small frame and stature.

        • overactive-bladder

          at least it’s unmutilated and intact.

    • Mike Julius

      I hate it when the bad guys win. Brute is slayin’ em. lol

    • I mean… Is there any coming back from that? What could either of them even respond with.

    • David1983

      Where’s the GIF of the lady from church fainting when you need it? LMAO!!!

      • Matt
        • lordgabux

          this made my morning HAHAHAHAHAHHAA

        • overactive-bladder

          he said GIF.

          • GayhawkAZ

            Move your head back and forth really really fast.

          • overactive-bladder

            this ain’t no blowjob. show me the dick in order to make me work for it.

          • GayhawkAZ

            If you want to see Granny’s dick while she’s resting on the pew, you ask her your own damn self. ?

          • overactive-bladder

            there was an attempt at a clapback.

          • GayhawkAZ

            You really weren’t worth the effort.

          • overactive-bladder

            i see you got no ethics for your craft. one must always put effort in everything they do.

          • GayhawkAZ

            Yeah, but when someone like you turns out to be an asshole, why would I waste my time?

    • Yeah his hole is gigantic and gaping when he is done getting fucked by some of porns biggest dicked top guys. But it is a talented hole that recovers quickly.

  • OverKill

    I have to agree with Brute here. Armond just came off insecure off of one person’s opinion. He should have just let it go and not even get involved. Everyone has an opinion on who is the best bottom and Armond not everyone is gonna think it’s you. Sorry.

    • sxg

      Not a fan of Brute at all but I have to agree with you. Armond’s twitter bitchfest is getting really fucking tired. Not only does he come off as insecure, he comes off completely arrogant, making everything about himself.

      I think Bruce was out to personally be shady but Armond, as always, stupidly took the bait.

    • Mike Julius

      As loathsome as I find Brute Club and even though I like Armond, I have to agree.

    • beefcupcake

      Armond is an unintelligent, immature little kid who throws tantrums like the most annoying twinks. Not to mention that horrid arsehole of his that only can be desirable when money is involved.

      • Not sure I would call him unintelligent that is saved for complete idiots which I would not call Armond but immature and naive a bit of both and I doubt he would have a hard time finding tops to fuck that “horrid” hole for free at all. What might be “horrid” to you might be heaven to someone else.

        • beefcupcake

          Okay, we get it, you like him. Next.

          • The level of hate towards him is really disgusting. But it is always so easy for people to sit behind a keyboard and screen and just tear someone apart with vicious comments about their looks and physical appearance. But you don’t see the same when it comes to sticking up for someone so sorry if it is so annoying to you that I stuck up for him. Don’t read my comments then.

    • Spencer87

      I’m sorry but Brute READ Armond (who I adore) into fucking oblivion AND provided receipts (basically Armond never denying the event took place).? Armond I feel is getting in his feelings because he feels he has worked really hard in the industry and Francois is boring on screen. Great to look at but boring. Armond has some growing to do,but of course he would seek validation from his work in porn. Sad

  • Jordy

    Armanda getting that pressed over something that had nothing to do with her is sad. Who cares how many followers you have? Selena Gomez is the most followed person on Instagram yet her album sales are the absolute pits.

  • I don’t know dude. I’ve met Armond at several porn events and he’s very sweet and gracious in person so I totally get his “be humble” stance but damn! Brute can read a bitch with the best of them. Some of his tweets are pure gold.

  • BoomPow

    Why Jizzo ever thought she was even remotely in the same class as Francois Sagat will forever remain one of life’s least great mysteries.

    She got her panties all in a bunch over a tweet that absolutely no-one would have ever associated with her, and now, she will forever be known as that whacked out bitch with the insidious hole.

  • OverKill

    Is it wrong or looking for a fight when someone tweet their opinion? If Brute had listed other bottoms in his tweet then yeah he was looking for a fight. All he said was in his opinion that Sagat is the best bottom and Armond started with him. It looks like Armond was looking for a fight. It’s like someone tweeting that Mariah Carey is the best vocalist ever and Ariana Grande replies that the tweet is laughable.

  • Zealot

    Porn fights USED to be over dick size, or the size of their sugar daddy’s bank account. Now, it’s over twitter follower numbers! I think a certain witch said it best…..

  • snoopyfo

    I love Armond so much but he did come across as insecure, i still love him thou, also i always like Francois as Vers more and his flip flops scenes are the best but thats my opinion, and meh brute loves drama so not surprising it got ugly quick

  • GN
  • gaycockluvr

    Brute’s tweets are shockingly coherent…I can hear the British accent even when reading them lol

    • Xzamilloh

      Oh he read Armond Rizzo’s ass for filth… I have nothing against Rizzo, but Brute did that.

    • Ricky

      LOL, I lovelovelove this comment “I can hear the British accent even when reading them lol”

  • Xzamilloh

    Reading Brute Club’s clap backs like

    Armond, you came for the wrong one. You don’t have to like Brute to give props were they are due, and he snatched Rizzo all the way up

  • StaySnatching

    Well, I didn’t realise Brute was so articulate.

  • Xzamilloh
  • Mokojojo

    Brute comes off as that messy bitch that you say you don’t fuck with, but you low key follow because you love the site of someone getting dragged aka Jessica Dime. He read Armond for filth and I can appreciate that. Toxic Pygmy and Prolapsed Oompa are great burns.

    When Jed Athens did his tell-all blog post about performers that he worked with, he brought up Armond’s jealousy and insecurity when it came to other bottoms. This seems to confirm it.

    • Totally remember Jed’s comment about Armond and you are right this does prove it. To me that is from having been bullied in the past probably in school cause he is a smaller guy and his voice probably was even higher in highschool or earlier and I know from experience that is like waving a rainbow flag to the bullies. That was actually one of the nicer comments Jed posted about his costars cause he is not afraid to say how he feels even if they are not going to like it.

  • DrunkEnough

    If Brute Club threw fucks as well as he throws shade, perhaps more people would know who the hell he is. In fact, he’s one of the worst tops in porn–he just sort of scowls, sticks it in, and jiggles it around, with little thrust. Rizzo may be jealous, but at least that neediness translates into a truly legendary hungry hole.

    • Marik Ishtar

      Gotta love a man who fucks like he uses keys.

  • Mike Julius

    He was saying “first off,” as in “let me preface this by saying” I love Sagat, but you’re an idiot, basically. That’s how I read it.

  • Rob36

    I can’t with Minnie Mouse.

  • C A

    I can’t with either of them. LMAO.

  • Marik Ishtar
  • The Porn Emperor

    This whole bitchfest is hysterical. Can’t Lindsay Lohan get involved somehow? Maybe a Real Housewife of Something?

    • Who what where when how…

      exactly, so fundamental to the globe…

  • Who what where when how…

    hahaha, two irrelevancies in a snit fit… this passes as news????

  • Who what where when how…

    twitter? what is that? a forum for twits???

  • xmiro

    sure he is, the most ratchet cum dumpster of the decade

  • sanfv

    As much as I hate Brute, he slayed that prolapse sock puppet with the quickness.

    Happy pride y’all.

  • gamera87

    Armond, marry me.

  • Cosmic

    LOL I LOVE IT!!!

  • Quanticcat
  • Badbike

    Not a first time Armond gets heated off of comments for liking other bottoms. I’ve heard multiple times he gets super salty when people refer to anyone but him as an amazing bottom and he apparently loses his shit when he loses award shows or not even nominated. I saw Brute’s comment and his easily bruised ego made him jump.

  • AJ’s Black Widow

    Lol, Brute slayed Armanda.

  • NTNT

    “Toxic Pygmy” is the best EVER!!!

    • lordgabux


  • Javier Smith

    So when is their ‘hatefuck’ scene coming out?

    • R.A.M.J

      Dear god no!! Armond sounds like a dying animal EVERYTIME he gets fucked. Its so fake and anmoying. I cant watch him. Boner killer

    • lordgabux

      loved it!!!

  • badgamer1967
  • PaulieP

    Brute is the clear winner in this debate…. clear winner.

  • DudeBornIn67
  • emercycrite

    Never get into a Twitter war with a Brit.

  • Anonymous

    I can’t watch Sagat. All I see is that ridiculous tattoo.

  • JohnJacobJingle

    Rizzo IS a toxic waste dump, so the other guy scores points for speaking the truth

    I wonder how long it will take the industry to turn on him, as they have to already know that he’s hooking up with guys without condoms and not telling them he’s HIV+

  • gamera87

    Brute’s April tweet: “My ass has NEVER been fucked on or off camera. I am – THE – legitimate total top of mainstream porn.”

  • NickDC

    Are we all going to ignore that in his Twitter bio Armond Rizzo claims he is 26 YEARS OLD?!?!?!?!?

    Armond is legitimately 39 YEARS OLD.
    When did it become acceptable to claim you’re 13 years younger than your actual age?

    • Zachary Sire

      Why do you think he’s 39? Every single online profile/interview/wiki, etc. has his age listed as 26.

      • NickDC

        Public records indicate that is his age (using his birth name and cities he has lived in it is pretty easy to find)

    • NG212

      ? lmao

    • If you are going to make such a statement at least have a shred of proof. Like Zach said EVERY single thing out there backs up that he is 26 including his facebook profile under his real name.

      • NickDC

        Public records under his real name indicate otherwise. But I’m sure you’re right because there is no bigger stalker of porn stars than you…

  • Jon

    Brute Club dragged Armond’s ugly weave all over the floor and somehow still comes out looking like the better person.

  • Casey Scott

    #TeamBruteClub here

  • Logan Fisher™

    Would you leave my Armond alone PLEASE & THANK YOU!!! He’s one of the best bottoms EVER. What kind of name is “Brute” for an adult performer anyways??? LOL

  • WhimsyCotton

    Armond Rizzo may be a great bottom, but his hole is kind of gross with how prolapsed it is these days.

  • vanfanusa

    Team Brute on this one all the way.

  • NG212

    You’s like a dishrag, dumped with a hashtag. I blame it on the pussy, that shit must be bad.

    Cute avi, btw

    • Hahahahachu

      Maybe it’s really rough, maybe it’s had enough, broken pussy.


  • Maximus

    Finally! I’ve been chanting over my cauldron for a minute. The ingredients necessary for a Twitter fight spell are not easy to come by, either. I had to obtain snake venom, the crushed lenses from a pair of designer reading glasses, twink blood, Bear hair, muscle queen sweat, a bluejay feather, sea salt, and several other rarities. You’re all welcome.

    • nick

      Thank god you couldn’t get hold of “rhinestone of Mariah” I believe that would have created a Twitter Armageddon spell ?

      • Maximus

        Rhinestone of Mariah is used for spells that amplify vocal ability. How do you think Ariana Grande happened, natural talent? Please. That girl is clearly a witch. Nobody gets that talented, pretty, skinny, famous, and rich without resorting to the dark arts.

    • lordgabux

      Stir, witch. Stir!!!!! (Maleficent demented laughter as musical background”

  • R.A.M.J

    Sorry, Armond is a whiny litte bitch. Next!

  • R.A.M.J

    Ive seen some of the loads he (Armond) has taken. Hes one step above Santoro and thats only because Armond is atleast attractive with a nice body.

  • Scrapple

    Well damn. They’re both thirstbuckets and I’m not exactly a member of Brute’s Fan Club. But he’s over here confiscating library cards like “Bitch, you don’t need this anymore.” Respect.

  • TheLisp

    fuck the babadook shit…”your insidious hole” just became my new catchphrase of the summer!

  • TheLisp

    fuck the babadook shit…”your insidious hole” just became my new catchphrase of the summer!

    • lordgabux


  • Armond can take things personally or too seriously sometimes and then he gets defensive I personally think it might have come from being in the Navy for 4 years and a guy of smaller stature because he has talked about how he was bullied a bit during his time in the navy which can leave a person with lasting trauma.

    • Judge Judy

      This comment is blatantly Armond. Honey, we don’t care what kind of life you’ve had to attempt a justification for challenging Brute. Everyone’s had a hard life, it doesn’t excuse our behaviour.

      You took on Brute Club for no reason and got burnt. Why you thought you could compete in a war against Brute Club is beyond comprehension. As is your belief that you stand on par with the legend that is Francois Sagat.

      Brute’s words were clearly in the context of “Beyoncé is back, all these other pop stars should go home!” And anyone who didn’t pick that up isn’t very bright. Brute not only successfully defended himself here, he was also in the right. Double win.

      I’m just loving how this has escalated into mini wars with others. He’s pretty much destroyed Austin Wolf, Josh Rider and Billy Santoro all in 1/2 tweets each.

      Regarding Brutes status, the reality here in Europe is that he remains the most popular European model for the US market. And that’s pretty impressive considering his productions happen as rarely as seeing a white tiger.

      The whole breaking into the US market “diss” is also totally flawed. Brute has rejected shoots with all US studios except Cockyboys to my knowledge. An apparent fear of flying. When he finally accepted the two falcon shoots the rumours are it cost them in total a good 7k-8k to get him over. Which is millions in today’s porn pay. And of course he demanded to be paired with their main model. And it all happened. “Nobody’s” don’t get that treatment.

      I’d like to see the Cockyboys thing happen. Inside info is Allen King and the main owner of Cockyboys wanted to get Brute in and Brute agreed to a scene but others like Jake Jaxon are weary of audience response so are rejecting the idea.

      Judging by the audience response of this article Brute is massively changing perceptions and winning support. So Cockyboys take note.

      #TeamBrute #InsidiousHoles

      • Well Brute will have a few fans who actually knwo who the hell he is now. I guess that is something. I never said that having a hard life excused his behavior I just theorized what might be the cause of the behavior. But it is not like being defensive like that to someone like Brute is that big of a deal to me. But people love drama and Brute is good at dishing it out so is Armond. But for all we know they could be doing that all for show to promote something meanwhile they are getting along just fine offline. So I try not to read into tweets too much.

        • Judge Judy

          “Defensive like that to someone like Brute”… brute was the protagonist here. Armond was the antagonist. If anyone was defending themselves it was Brute.

          And I don’t think playing down how well known Brute Club is will ever be a real diss. The majority of people who are into porn know of him and anyone is a someone in the actual industry knows him. He has a huge reputation for someone who works so rarely.

          And I don’t for one second believe this is staged and they like each other. Brute Club has literally destroyed Armonds image in this twitter war. Like, Armond looks really bad. This was a publicity nightmare for him and a huge image win for Brute.

      • You must be one of his biggest fans judge judy with such a thorough response to my reply. I would reply at greater length but I have other things to do.

  • WhimsyCotton

    Nonsense. Aside from her whistle register, Minnie was pretty much a one trick pony. Mariah is incomparable. No one even approaches Mariah much less sings around her. She’s on top of the musical totem pole. Prime Whitney and Aretha come close though.

  • lordgabux

    What possessed the munchkin to compare herself or even put herself in the same league as Sagat would need a séance to be divined. I’m not a fan of Brute (geez brute!) but there was no reason for anyone, specially Miss Rizzo to feel alluded. the titles of best bottom ever and best top ever are so effing subjective they could cause more wars than religion and politics combined. And in my opinion those titles should be given only to the one person who could give it and take it like a freaking god. How many of those truly exist?
    And… if someone says ”irrelevant” and you immediately feel it is about you, even when you weren’t even close to the area of the explosion, you not only need a therapist but a BFF to slap you, hard.

  • lordgabux

    BTW just to be evil— Zack you have posted both Brute’s and Rizzo’s pictures showing their holes hahahahahahhahaha (I wouldn’t mind a picture of Austin’s hole either since he got wounded in that exchange of fire too)

  • T2TheB

    Maybe Armond thinks “everything’s” all about him? It sure seems that way seeing as he commented on Brute’s tweet. Personally, I think Armond needs to learn how to just ignore the comments and opinions of people who are irrelevant in the first place. He can’t stop people from saying whatever they say, but he’s totally in control of whether he gives them relevance (to whatever degree he may) by responding to them.

    Who is Brute Club? And, btw, what was Brute thinking by choosing a stage name that sort of has two references to violence — “brute” and “club?” Has it become cool to be called a brute? Does he use an affected pronunciation of his “first name,” “bru-tay” perhaps instead of just “brute?” In any case, if Brute had in mind some sort of theme when choosing his name, I think he’d have been better off with “Caitiff Bastinado.” At least those synonyms for “brute” and “club” are rare enough that most people won’t recognize them as such. Then again, maybe I’m the only one who conjured images/thoughts of Neanderthals and ne’er do wells when I saw “brute” and “club” together?

    • I do like Armond but I do think that his fans make him think that way. Someone put a poll up on Twitter of who’s the best bottom in porn and Armond beat the likes of Carter Dane. One of his fans said that the reason Armond won was because “Carter is boring. He’s hardly in any scenes and never posts pics on Twitter”. Really? That’s why he’s boring? Hate to see what that guy thinks of the porn stars who have Twitter accounts but never use them like Dante Martin.

      • T2TheB

        As for Armond, perhaps you’re right. I know less about his fans than I do about him. LOL Hell, only intellectually does it cross my mind that he or other porn stars have fans. LOL

        L.T. wrote: “‘Carter is boring. He’s hardly in any scenes and never posts pics on Twitter’. Really? That’s why he’s boring?”

        Gotta agree with you on the silliness of the person’s reasoning.

  • T2TheB

    I didn’t know “Frank” had “gone anywhere. I like him; he’s hot. Hopefully he and Paddy together will be hot too. I give the guy props for trying and, to some extent, succeeding at breaking the barrier porn performers face when trying to work in mainstream entertainment. Just because one’s appeared but naked doesn’t mean that one isn’t qualified to perform in non-pornographic productions.

  • Goblin Shark

    toxic pygmy omfg i died

  • Goblin Shark

    I love Armond that little dude is smoking hot I just wish I could see him in more passionate lovemaking scenes with a dude with a similar body and in the same age bracket but it seems all he does is get penetrated by well hung older men that don’t reciprocate – it’s like he’s a fleshjack with a heartbeat. No offense to anyone that likes intergenerational porn it’s just not my thing.