Presented Without Comment: A Very Special Message From Brute Club

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brute_club_LJ_22Via Direct Message on Twitter, an important announcement from Brute Club, a.k.a. “Brute XXX“:

Hey Zack [sic] I’m contacting all blogs separately. I may email you a version of this too, just so you have a formal record.

gif_im_color_dither_18_3aa64addf9You may or may not have noticed that I haven’t used the full name “Brute Club” for almost half a year. The stage name “Brute Club” has been sold to a third party. A music group and a band will use the name in future to my knowledge.


This means they have a pending copyright claim to the name that will go through because I’ve signed a contract legally binding me from using the name.


They will have all search engine links with the name terminated through procedures such as the ‘Right to be Forgotten’ policy. They will also have full trademark rights through the European Union Trademarks Authority. Other procedures on other territories are beyond my knowledge but actively underway.


This email is just so you’re aware.

giphy5 copy

I would like to encourage you to protect your blog by removing any publications containing “Brute Club.” But that of course is down to how adamant you are about keeping dated publications.


Anything kept may become a copyright infringement dispute and could in the worst case have your site completely suspended from search engines. And even worse, to my knowledge.


They will have these links removed either way, but deleting them now will protect you from search engine suspension and any loss of revenue. So, it’s just not worth it in my opinion.


To my knowledge you only have two posts on me – both of which I like tbh. Saying that, they come up high and they’ll end up blocked:

If you have any questions let me know.


And if you have an idea for a new porn name you think will suit me then let me know. Now taking name submissions (and submissives) *wink*


  • Ed Woody

    Sounds perfectly reasonable to me, and much politer than many others would have been in his position. Not sure why you have to be such a cunt about it.

    • sxg

      Because this guy is insane if you’ve ever read any of his interviews or tweets.

    • James King

      Because it’s bullshit.

    • a b

      Because it is really fucking narcissistic, like everything he ever said

    • Maximus

      Oh gurl, please. An ostensibly sane and rational adult such as yourself should be able to see that this is a desperate ploy on the part of a narcissistic, excessively “masculine” ego. No musical act with the production backing required to sue under international intellectual property rights law is going to knowingly use the name of a gay porn star. I mean, come on now. Nothing in this asshat’s email makes an iota of sense. Intellectual property rights don’t work that way. SUGP is news/opinion media; it can report on whatever the fuck it wants so long as it’s not revealing state secrets or sealed legal information. The only thing that ridiculous email says is this:

      “Hey! Hey! Remember me? Pay attention to me! Why won’t you pay attention to me? I have a big dick! Hey! Pay attention to meeeeee!”


      • sanfv

        Yaaas! Girl, where have you been the past couple of days?! Slay away!

      • Hereweare

        Maybe it’s just that he’s not the brightest Club in the gay porn shed. Maybe he has misinterpreted some half-truths. I don’t think in 2016 most bands would give a flying fuck about sharing a name with a (not well known) gay porn star. Rock-n-Roll-n-porn-n-hookers go way back, you know.
        Perhaps once he re-reads his emails he’ll come back with a new post:
        “So what had happened was………”

        • Maximus

          I think you’re right that any legit punk rock band wouldn’t give a crap about using a porn star’s name, but Mr. Club’s email suggests that the supposed musical group in question is both image conscious and litigious. That’s the type of band that wouldn’t want to be associated with gay porn. I still suspect that this whole thing was just a particularly verbose way of getting attention from bloggers. It certainly worked.

        • gaysiantwink

          Lmao right the more logical conclusion is that he’s just dumb and doesn’t understand how copyright law works.

  • Hugh Merme

    I know the gif parade is meant to say “This is me not giving a fuck”, but it’s coming off more as “This is me having a breakdown.”

    • moondoggy

      LOL … yeah, there are other ways to resolve problems without resorting immediately to bitchcraft and throwing shade.

      • Ed Woody

        It’s more that there IS no problem here that needs resolving. Zach just got sand in his lube this morning and needed something to bitch about.

  • James King

    Brute has been talking about changing his dumbass name for six months. Now some band buys then name from him (bullshit) and THEY will using the “right to be forgotten” policy. No you don’t want searches to show all the stupid shit you have put out there on the internet.

    All these idiots that says stupid shit, that they wish they could take back, will be wanting to use the Google feature but it doesn’t work like that.

  • Xzamilloh

    I like his dick.. but other than that, I’m lost. Who is he again? Because I have never seen a video of his

  • John

    Dude is always pissing and moaning about something….he’s cute but his scenes do nothing for me….hope he gets the help he so desperately needs…

    • a b

      He’s asleep during his scenes. He thinks attitude can substitute performance. I know there’s a huge amount of self-hating gays to build a fanbase on, but he can’t rely only on that…

      • von schlomo

        And he had the gall to insult Kayden Grey for doing so many scenes when he could only wish to have a tenth of the appeal of Kayden, who, by the way, does EVERYTHING while Brute Club is an idiot, tradey, I only get sucked and top.

        • a b

          What did he said about Kayden?

          • von schlomo

            I think it was on his Ask dot fm page where he said Kayden Grey was over exposed because he works so much taking on too many scenes.

    • V1

      “Pissing and Moaning” sounds like something from Lucas’ Raunch line…

  • FrenchBug

    Brute Club is a terrible name, whether you are a porn star, a rock band or a serial killer wannabe.

    • Jason

      It would be perfect for a bar that hosts underground cage fights

      • nick

        or a club for this kind of gentleman…..

  • Zealot

    Let’s sponsor a contest– Name That Pornstar! Winners could receive a signed dildo made from his penis imprint and signed copies of DVDs of his scenes. Suggestions for his possible new porn monikers: Randy Dix, Snoot Snub, Biggus Dickus, or Pete Peen.

    • Jason

      Root Rub. Dicky McDickface. Beenadick Clubhersnatch (if he does str8 porn). Tennyson Horr. Dicky Pervais.

  • sanfv

    I’m sorry, I’d have a sassy gif or comment, but I truly do not know his bitch. Who is she?

  • Todd

    Go monosylabbic like Charo, Cher and Madonna.
    Brute …. or Club

    • Pertinax

      I maintain the suggestion that I made minutes ago : Brute Oink.

    • Maximus

      Char-o = 2 syllables
      Ma-don-na = 3 syllables

      Sorry. My obsessive-compulsive need to correct errors in others’ writing is just too powerful in this moment……

      P.S. I hear that no one is using the name “Prince” these days.

  • kevin

    who’s the cow with the bizarre orange bracelet? i see that GIF all the time and it’s so fucking annoying, like the rationale behind every battered woman joke.

  • So, passive aggressively threatening someone is now considered polite? This deserves a Sure, Jan, but I have a better gif for that.

  • DPS

    Name suggestion: Crute Blub, just a thought.

  • MrBrightMK2

    I can resist a lot of things in this world but brute’s hotness is not one of them.

  • FieldMedic

    Given that Str8upgayporn is a US based blog Google’s policy wouldn’t affect it since Google is not forced to censor their US-based results. Also Google would review the “forgotten” request and would most likely reject it since the porn star =/= the band.

  • nick

    ‘Right to be Forgotten’ has been activated

  • McM.

    The Brenner Bolton path of simply announcing a name change would have been better than this pile.

  • Pertinax

    Due to his area of work I suggest : Brute Oink.

  • Just saw his tweets. He knows how to use a gif file. Watch ur back, Zack.

  • Trepakprince
  • Stiffy Stiffington

    I fucking swear this site is just an excuse for all you queens to find gifs. Some are funny, though.

  • WhimsyCotton

    Wait! Copyright infringement on the internet!? Well, you’ve had a good run Zach. Make sure to say hi to thepiratebay and God knows how many other victims of copyright infringement “disputes.”

  • Myko

    Mental health is a serious issue!!

    He speaks bullshit. It’s either attention seeking (in which case, sound the klaxon), or its his way of trying to remove any “evidence” of his “porn career” which quiet frankly is pisspoor. I know he has changed (and deleted the old ) twitter accounts a few times, maybe his way of removing his embarrassing attempt at porn. The only studios that have used him are the crap ones in the UK that are seriously stuck in the 80’s.

  • Lol

    • Ryan Raz


  • Jason

    The first rule of Brute Club is that we do not talk about Brute Club!

  • JamesB

    Wow there are posts like this, but nothing on Denis Reed that recently died. #RIP #DenisReedXXX

    • Joseph Aquilar

      That’s because it’s not morally sound to be catty with the dead and start Twitter wars.

    • lordgabux

      Yeah! I was thinking the same thing!

      • JamesB

        Other blogs reported, he was number one searched porn star on many tubes sites for years. but looks like he did not exist, to this site

  • Joseph Aquilar

    Black Swan Though! Good Flick!

  • Bastian

    Name suggestions: ToBe Forgotten or FakeGayWhoDoesntSucksDicksButLoveToEatPussy, your choice.

  • nick

    I wonder how Mr Club will do at the Prowler Awards ?

  • lordgabux

    STUPID has too many letters to define the Brute…
    and the music of the (unknown as him) group probably sucks more than he ever did in a scene.

    BTW, aren’t GIFs supposed to be “visual comments”? #justsaying hahahahaha

  • GuruMike

    New porn name? How about Cunty Brewster?