Bryan Singer Self-Financing Autobiographical Documentary To Defend Himself Against Sexual Assault Allegations

Posted June 6, 2023 by with 6 comments

Not only is he planning a documentary on himself(?!), Bryan Singer also wants to make more feature films. As insane as this sounds, never count out the sick fucks in Hollywood, the most disgraceful and delusional industry on earth. Via Variety:

Sources say the director, who catapulted to A-list status with his twisty 1995 crime film “The Usual Suspects,” is looking to return to his lower-budget auteur roots with three narrative features set in and around Israel, where he has been living in recent years. Singer, who is working without an agent, has been meeting with would-be investors about backing the films, one of which is set in the 1970s. They would be made for $10 million apiece. Jason Taylor, who previously served as president of production at Singer’s Bad Hat Harry Prods., is producing the films.

A representative for Singer declined to comment.

Even more intriguing, Singer is working on a self-financed documentary about himself and “his struggles,” says one source who was approached about the project, and calls the pitch “impressive.” According to his pitch, Singer plans to address the allegations of sexual misdeeds and cover his attempt at career resurrection, the source adds. “Well, at least we know it will be fair and balanced,” one documentary veteran quips.


ICYMI, Bryan Singer has been credibly accused of drugging and raping multiple underage boys, and there have been numerous in-depth reports on his victims, one of whom he paid off $150,000.

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