Cafe Forced To Stop Sales Of “Penis Drinks”

Posted May 27, 2022 by with 3 comments

First there were those penis plants that people couldn’t stop picking, and now we have penis-shaped drinks that people aren’t allowed to buy anymore. Via Mashable:

A cafe in Songkhla, Thailand has caused quite a stir after uploading several photos showing their drinks being served in plastic bags shaped like penises at one end. The shop named Chadeen cafe initially put up the photos on its Facebook page, where they were used to promote their selection of iced drinks – in this case, Thai milk teas, green teas, and soda.

But unfortunately for those wanting to try the drinks, the cafe followed up with a notice on its Facebook page a few days later saying that it was stopping the sales of the penis-shaped drinks due to offending sensitivities.

“We have to apologize to all customers. We will not sell the penis bag drinks anymore. It involves too many sensitive issues. Thank you everyone for your love and support,” said the post as translated by The Thaiger.

It wasn’t clear what the “sensitive” issues alluded to in the post were, but we can imagine that the look of the bags absolutely didn’t sit well with those who prefer not to see phallic and sexual imagery out in the open, and would like to keep things PG-13 as much as possible.


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