California Health Officials Beg Public To Spread COVID As Much As Possible

Posted January 18, 2024 by with 3 comments

Capitalism kills, and they’re literally not even trying to hide it anymore. As KTLA in Los Angeles reports in the above clip, our capitalist overlords’ efforts to infect, disable, and maim as many people as possible just entered its next stage in California, where people are now being openly encouraged to not isolate while sick with COVID, and to go ahead and spread the deadly pathogen at workplaces, schools, and anywhere else they want. You do you!

The ultimate goal here is to damage as many people’s immune systems as possible with COVID infections so they’re constantly getting sick (everywhere I go, why am I always hearing people coughing?), having strokes and/or heart attacks, and developing various cancers so they then become permanently dependent on and financially indebted to big pharma and insurance companies. All while continuing to work full-time jobs so our “economy” will appear stable. Sure, several thousand will of course continue to die from acute COVID infections every month, but our nation’s gyms, chain restaurants, and airline companies are thriving! Plus, the majority of people do survive their initial COVID infections, and of that majority, about 20% will then develop long COVID, which thankfully means even more money for our precious drug makers and beloved for-profit health”care” industry. Now, cover your mouth as you hack up a lung, and get back to fucking work!