California Pastor Arrested After Hiring Hitman To Murder Daughter’s Boyfriend

Posted March 20, 2024 by with 1 comment

Another “man of God” doing what he does best: Trying to kill someone. This one, a pastor from a small church in a literal shithole town called Victorville (it’s a couple hours east of Los Angeles), was arrested for hiring a hitman to murder his daughter’s boyfriend. Maybe he was jealous of the boyfriend? Via LA Times:

Months after a man survived a barrage of gunfire while driving through Riverside, investigators arrested two men in an alleged murder-for-hire plot, including a Victorville pastor who authorities say put a hit on the man dating his daughter.

The pastor, identified Tuesday as Samuel Pasillas, 47, is accused of paying almost $40,000 to have his daughter’s suitor killed, according to the Riverside Police Department.

[LA Times]

OK, how in god’s name did a pastor from Victorville have $40k? In this economy? And he spent $40,000 for a hit that wasn’t even successful. Tough luck. More via ABC:

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