Cam Model Jake Orion Says It’s Possible For Gays To Convert Straight Men Into Homosexuality If They “Don’t Give Up”

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tumblr_nbo43ydtz41s7twfho1_500You know it’s a very slow news day when I have to resort to embedding two Jake Orion videos, so please accept my apologies in advance.

Here’s masturbating internet person (and, apparently, aspiring YouTubelebrity) Jake Orion in his latest non-masturbation video. In it, he explains that when he goes on dates with people, he does not tell them that he masturbates on the internet. This is an interesting bit of information considering that, last I heard, Jake Orion is actually married in real-life. I wonder if he tells the people he goes on dates with that he has a wife?

And, if that wasn’t fun enough for you, here’s Jake Orion giving advice to gay men who might be hoping to “convert” a straight man into homosexuality. Here, he reveals what he looks for in a gay man (“having a pretty boy face” and “a nice booty…cause it’s kind of like a woman”), even though, again, he is married to a woman and is straight.

Phony YouTube videos full of fake information in the era of #alternativefacts is probably not a surprise, but are there really enough stupid/desperate gays out there who watch these things and believe that anything he’s saying is true, or that they might have a chance with him (or any straight guy) as long as they “don’t give up”?

  • Xzamilloh

    Yeah… and if Jennifer Lawrence kept it up, she could have Elton John smashing that poon poon in no time. Goddamn. I hope his wife isn’t swallowing, because something in that cum kills brain cells.


    • McM.

      Any woman he is with needs to swallow. Otherwise there’s a chance he may spawn.

      Didn’t click the vids b/c I don’t want to add to his channel activity. Also, I have no time for anything that encourages attraction towards straight men.

      • Xzamilloh

        Right? He’s not talking attraction towards straight men… he’s just putting a drop of water in the thirst buckets that are the gay men that long to have his dick in their mouths.. but settle on funding the life of him and his wife

    • Mike Julius

      No, bitch, swallow so there aren’t more of him.

  • bloodhound
  • sxg

    Someone actually married this hung retard??? Straight women have such low standards, and I would know. I was in a frat full of very mediocre looking guys with shit personalities that managed to date and even marry some pretty attractive women.

    I find it pretty sickening that there are gay pornstars out their humoring him and doing videos with him, like Joey D, Alex Mecum and probably Jessie Colter soon enough. You hoes don’t need this shitty exposure, especially on his ignorant and homophobic views on STDs.

    • Scrapple

      Joey D and Alex Mecum aren’t surprises.

    • Ben

      Wait what? Jessie Colter and Alex Mecum and Joey D are straight? I could have sworn Jessie and Joey D were gay and Alex was Bi?

  • McM.
  • Joi Says
  • NickDC

    Apparently if one calls themselves a model, they are a model? This fool is one of the least attractive people on the planet. Are his model jobs limited to being the “before” model for plastic surgery ads? He’s awful to look at, couldn’t care less about what he says…

  • Mike Julius
  • Guys like him remind me of how easy it is to build a fan base on the net if you’re willing to get your dick out. Especially the most below average looking white guys.

  • Pinko of the Grange

    He used to Cam with his wife “Jessica Parker” in 2014, I found a reference that they were still married in January of 2015, but after that nothing.

    Give up on what buying a Micky Stout and passing, unopened, it under his nose, so he can claim he was “so drunk” afterwords?

  • Zealot

    The two remaining atoms in Jake’s brain randomly find themselves in close proximity……let’s watch!

  • Scrapple

    Don’t give up, I won’t give up
    Don’t give up, no no no
    Don’t give up, I won’t give up
    Don’t give up, no no no

    Thank you Jake. You’ve given hope to thirst queens everywhere!

    And if anyone knows about thirst, it’s the guy who makes money shooting loads into his mouth.

  • Badger

    I’m kinda confused. If he’s married, what’s up with the “dates?”

  • PaulieP

    ms. orion has since removed himself from flirt4free as he wants to be known for something other than a jack off hustler.

    • Landon Uhlenhopp

      I read on another blog he was banned from Flirt4Free. Wheres he gonna go once Chaturbate money dries up?

      • Zachary Sire

        Why was he banned from Flirt4Free, and where did you read that?

        • Landon Uhlenhopp

          I read it on but I can’t remember why he was banished. Reach out to the guy there he’s good at getting back.

  • pangelboy

    The only time I’d care about what was coming out of his mouth would be if there was a dick going in. Other than that…

  • Alann6

    He’s just tryng to string gay guys along for the money! Men have zero chance with him.

  • Maximus

    I mean, it’s empirically true that there are straight-identified men who have sex with other men. Ethnographic research and survey data make that quite evident. However, it generally happens in specific institutional contexts and at a certain time during the life course. A gay man’s chances of being able to walk up to some straight guy and seduce him are very low. Ultimately, straight-chasing is unlikely to succeed and demeans oneself as a gay person.

    • McM.

      It is also dangerous. Many will aggressively protect their social image of a straight man.

  • SteadyNUnremitting

    No self respecting gay man would be taking advice from this fugly moronic idiot.

  • a b

    That’s basically the fantasy he’s selling – keep paying for the straight (or “straight”), one day it will all be worth it. It’s ok if it’s just a fantasy, but it gets kind of homophobic when he insist on the lie in a “serious” video…

  • Greninja

    I’m sorry but I don’t see the draw. He looks like a plucked chicken.

  • AussieB

    Promoting click bait. I hope he’s sending you a check for his increased views

  • WhimsyCotton
  • R.A.M.J

    Hes not straight, and has said this. Until I hear him say he’s married, i dont believe that.

    • Jedd Verdasco

      R.A.M.J he just wants your money. Here is your proof its listed on his profile:

      • R.A.M.J

        Anyone can make a fake account. It Proves nothing.
        I don’t give porn stars money. So that is not even a factor for me.

        • Jedd Verdasco

          Fake? Click on his wife’s link there then. Don’t be blind the proof is all there with pictures and all.

          • R.A.M.J

            Honestly, i dont care if he is or isnt.

      • R.A.M.J

        And even if it is him, what right do you have to mix his private life and public persona. These people have stage names for a fucking reason. I don’t give a rats ass if he really is married. What difference does that make?

  • SuperSophisticatedOne

    Like seriously, what fucking universe does this fucktard live in? Every time he opens his mouth, a big ass pile of stupid just falls right out. Now I understand the reason for “No Child Left Behind”. Cause this bitch got left behind several times, and look what the fuck he morphed into!!!

  • kireb

    as if not giving up helps fag hags to convert gays >.>

  • Travis

    I loooooooooooove that gif. & I’ll admit it, Jake Orion does it for me. HOT douche nozzles are kinda my thing these days…

  • disqus_8502nNLKe5

    He’s not married.

  • Alias74PornReviews

    To quote “Jay and Silent Bob Strikes Back”: Fuck Jake Orion. Fuck Jake Orion HARD. Fuck him in his stupid ass.

    Why is this blog and QueerMeNow continuing to give this prick press? I don’t care that he’s hung.

    Quite frankly, what’s the use of huge dick if it’s attached to an asshole?


    Wait!! Is he married???? I never knew he was married,

  • Josh

    ha ha….he doesn’t come off as str8 at all. Looks / sounds like a drag queen on their day off.

  • Josh

    two str8 guys sucking dick

  • Josh

    Oh please, just give the str8 guy $.

  • Josh

    nice body….nice dick & ass. busted face & totally gayyyyy,

  • Josh

    wouldn’t give this cum guzzler two bits

  • Josh

    You want my money Jake…? Get it hard, lie down on da bed, and STFU !!

  • Josh

    What happened to his photo real estate career…? Back to shooting cum in his mouth for quarters as he should be.

  • Josh

    He looks like a plucked chicken…. ha ha ha. Good one !

  • PaulieP

    from an extremely reliable source.. Mr. Orion was banned from flirt4free….. so i guess his new ventures will be a bit different.

  • JAKE

    Lol I love reading these blogs and all the hate. You guys just add to my confidence :) sexy hating men. Btw this sites greedy makes so much money off ad revenue. If they weren’t making money this blog would not exist and the owner of this site would have a real job.

    Btw my business is my business.

    If I make something public is public.
    My real life is no ones concern.
    I don’t give people false hope.
    If I do I clearly apologized for it in a YouTube video.

    Instead of spreading false rumors my Twitter is @jakeorion93

    Ask me questions there. I won’t charge I promise.