Cardinal And Senior Adviser To Pope Francis Sued In Sexual Assault Class Action Lawsuit

Posted January 27, 2024 by with 4 comments

I’m sure everyone is totally and completely shocked by this news. Via WSJ:

Cardinal Gérald Lacroix of Québec, a senior adviser to Pope Francis, has been accused of sexual assault in a class-action suit in Canada. The cardinal has been accused by a plaintiff, whose name hasn’t been revealed, of sexually touching her without her consent on different occasions in 1987 and 1988, when she was 17 years old. The allegations are part of a class-action lawsuit against the Catholic Archdiocese of Québec authorized in 2022.


I guess it is mildly shocking that he sexually assaulted a girl and not a boy. Most priests, cardinals, bishops, and all those other fruity freaks in gowns are gay as hell, but maybe they let in a few straights to help keep up the facade.

Cardinal Lacroix (isn’t that a sparkling water? like I said, gay as hell) has gone on a “temporary leave of absence” until the lawsuit is over, but he’s denied the allegation. If he’s found liable in the suit, they’ll still find a way to give him his job back by moving him to a different church. These pedophiles have been running the biggest organized crime ring of child rapists in the history of all mankind, so obviously one more lawsuit isn’t going to stop them.

WSJ notes that Lacroix has been mentioned as a possible successor to Pope Francis. Here’s a brief report from CTV: