Carjacker Goes On Insane Rampage In California Parking Lot, Ramming Multiple Cars And Nearly Killing Shoppers

Posted April 1, 2023 by with 1 comment

Another typical day of terror and attempted mass murder in California, as a female carjacker rammed into multiple vehicles while trying to escape an Agoura Hills parking lot, where she had just tried to rob a woman by stealing her purse. There was a security device on the stolen car’s steering wheel, which is reportedly what contributed to the insanity in the parking lot. Local news coverage of the rampage is above, while an unedited video without the commentary is below.

Attempted mass murder by motorists in southern California parking lots is fairly common. As you’ll recall, another woman rammed her vehicle into multiple parked cars in a Mission Viejo (a few miles away from my house) parking lot last month, nearly running over half a dozen innocent bystanders, as seen below. It’s worth noting that both Mission Viejo (in south Orange County) and Agoura Hills (west of Los Angeles, near the Santa Monica mountains) are mostly upper middle class suburbs with relatively low crime rates. But, this is California, and the crazies know no boundaries. They’re everywhere now.

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