Catholic Church Leaders In New Orleans Spent 25 Years Protecting Child Rapist And Sent Him To Work With Kids After He Confessed

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In news that should surprise no one, the Catholic Church—the most evil and depraved criminal organization in world history—has once again been caught covering up more child sexual abuse. In the latest sex crime uncovered by The Guardian, it’s been revealed that at least four Catholic church leaders in New Orleans went to extreme lengths to protect an admitted priest/child molester (Lawrence Hecker, as seen above), who told archbishops that he raped seven children in the 1960’s and 1970’s. He confessed in 1999, and it wasn’t until now, nearly 25 years later, that the The Guardian was able to uncover the heinous crimes and cover-ups. The archdiocese even sent him back to work with kids after he admitted to molesting them. As if all that weren’t enough, Hecker is also accused of raping a mentally disabled man. Excerpt from the truly shocking yet not at all surprising report:

The last four Roman Catholic archbishops of New Orleans went to shocking lengths to conceal a confessed serial child molester who is still living but has never been prosecuted, a Guardian investigation has found.

Upon review of hundreds of pages of previously secret church files, the Guardian has uncovered arguably the most complete account yet about the extremes to which the second-oldest Catholic archdiocese in the US went to coddle the admitted child molester Lawrence Hecker.

Back in 1999, Hecker confessed to his superiors at the archdiocese of New Orleans that he had either sexually molested or otherwise shared a bed with multiple teenagers whom he met through his work as a Roman Catholic priest.

Hecker’s confession said the late New Orleans archbishop Philip Hannan spoke with him about an accusation of sexual abuse in 1988. In 1996, Hannan’s successor as archbishop, the late Francis Schulte, received another allegation which the organization deemed unsubstantiated.

Hecker’s 1999 admission arrived after one of his victims came forward with another complaint to the archdiocese. The organization responded in part by sending Hecker to an out-of-state psychiatric treatment facility which diagnosed him as a pedophile who rationalized, justified and took “little responsibility for his behavior”.

The facility also recommended that the archdiocese prohibit Hecker from working with children, adolescents or other “particularly vulnerable” people.

But Hecker did not stop working. In fact, after a sabbatical of a few months, the church ultimately allowed him to continue until his retirement in 2002 – which happened after a Catholic clerical molestation and cover-up scandal that ensnared the archdiocese of Boston prompted worldwide church reforms.

[The Guardian]

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