Charles Melton Wins Gotham And New York Film Critics Circle Awards For Supporting Role In May December

Posted December 2, 2023 by with 6 comments

A supporting actor Oscar nomination is looking quite possible for Charles Melton as Joe—who almost manages to steal the entire movie from Julianne Moore and Natalie Portman—in Todd Haynes’ May December, which I watched last night and can confirm is the best movie of 2023. Melton’s speech at the Gotham Awards is above, and he also picked up the NYFCC award this week. I didn’t know who he was before this and had no idea he was such a chiseled heartthrob hunk in real life (he gained 40 pounds for the movie and completely melted into his role as a depressed man who’s had his entire life stolen from him), but I was already instantly obsessed with him just from his work in May December. Here’s a featurette from the fascinating film, which, fair warning, leaves you with tons of unanswered questions as you debate what you think you know about everyone in it: