CHP Bodycam Footage Shows Britney Spears Being Pulled Over For Speeding: “I’m So Sorry, I Had To Tee Tee!”

Posted October 31, 2023 by with 2 comments

I guess this is more promo for the memoir? The videos showing two separate stops by the same CHP officer were released today after a freedom of information request. Here’s a short one showing a little bit from the most recent stop, in which Britney says she had to “tee tee”(??), which is why she was driving erratically:

Is she driving a Mercedes? I can’t tell. It’s always funny to see celebrities being treated a lot nicer than the average person, although at least she was given a ticket. What kind of moron goes driving around without their license, over and over again?

In the longer, unedited video below, we see another traffic stop from last month, and the cop complains that he stopped her before in the previous month, which means there have actually been three stops total, all by this same officer.