Christian School Officials Arrested After Attempting To Cover Up Horrific Locker Room Sexual Assault

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Unlike priests and pastors, these Christian school freaks weren’t the ones who did the raping. Instead, it was a student who sexually assaulted another student with a baseball bat. And after the assault was reported, coaches and school officials attempted to cover it up. Via Midland Reporter Telegram:

Three administrators and two coaches at Midland Christian School were arrested Wednesday for failing to report sexual abuse that occurred on campus. Jared Owen Lee, 41, Gregory Neal McClendon, 55, Barry Lee Russell, 62, Matthew David Counts, 27, Dana Elizabeth Ellis, 42, were are being charged with failure to report with intent to conceal neglect or abuse, a state felony. They were released on bond Wednesday.

The Midland Christian website lists Lee as the school’s superintendent, McClendon as the school’s athletic director, Russell as the school’s baseball coach, Counts as the assistant secondary principal and Ellis as the secondary principal.

Midland Police Department detectives responded on Jan. 28 to MCS in reference to a possible sexual assault of a child on campus. Detectives were advised the assault had happened days prior, on Jan. 20 during baseball practice at M. H Christensen Stadium, according to court documents.

According to court documents, Ellis was made aware of the assault on Jan. 20 and notified Lee on Jan. 21. Instead of reporting the assault to authorities Lee allegedly directed McClendon and Counts to conduct an “investigation”.

[Midland Reporter Telegram]

More disturbing details of the sexual assault that the good Christians attempted to hide, via DailyBeast:

In an interview with authorities, the unnamed victim said he had just stepped into the locker room to get changed when the lights were turned off. Someone said it was “freshman initiation day,” and a 10th-grader began hitting the ninth-grader.

The ninth-grader’s hands were pinned down, and he was flipped over onto his back, the affidavit states. He was then sexually assaulted with a baseball bat as other students looked on and cheered, it says.

The next day, the freshman student told school officials what had happened. And then, nothing.

“The two of them see each other every day as they are on the same baseball team,” the affidavit goes on.

On Feb. 11, police investigators showed up at Midland Christian and spoke with Ellis, the principal of the secondary school. She told cops that she was aware of the incident and that it had been documented. However, Ellis said Lee, the school superintendent, was the only one with access to the files.

When Ellis told Lee about the horrific incident, Lee ordered McClendon and Counts to “conduct an ‘investigation’ into the incident instead of notifying law enforcement or another state agency,” the affidavit explains.

But when Lee contacted police on Feb. 14, he refused to answer any questions or provide the documentation to which Ellis had referred, demanding that cops get a search warrant. The warrant was granted and executed the same day.

During the search, investigators were given access to “notes” written by McClendon and Counts that documented the incident, according to the affidavit.

In emails between all five that were reviewed by police, “it was made very clear that a sexual assault had occurred, and the school had a duty to report,” the affidavit continues, noting that “there were multiple emails exchanged,” and that “several of the administrators refused to report the incident.”


It never fails. The closer people are to organized religion, the more likely they are to be involved in children being sexually assaulted. No word on whether or not the student who committed the assault has been charged.