Clarence Thomas Hires Law Clerk Who Once Told Friend, “I Hate Black People, Fuck Them All”

Posted February 26, 2024 by with 10 comments

Disgraced and corrupt Supreme Court justice Clarence Thomas has hired a conservative activist who told a friend in 2017, “I hate black people. Like, fuck them all,” as his law clerk. Given who Clarence Thomas is, this tracks. The identity of the clerk—Crystal Clanton, who can be seen above next to Thomas’ wife, insurrectionist and psychotic MAGA queen Ginni Thomas—was disclosed by her law school last week, via Reuters:

The hiring of Crystal Clanton by Thomas, a Black member of the court’s 6-3 conservative majority, was disclosed last week by George Mason University’s Antonin Scalia Law School, Clanton’s alma mater. […] Clanton also previously worked for Thomas’ wife Ginni, a conservative activist, and once lived with the Thomases.

Sorry to put this image in your head, but they were (are) probably having threesomes, which would explain her new role.

From The Root:

Despite having a history of sending racist and hateful texts about Black people, Turning Point USA organizer and conservative personality Crystal Clanton pursued a legal career with Thomas’s help. She even lived with Thomas and his wife Ginni for a short time. “I know Crystal Clanton and I know bigotry,” he said. “Bigotry is antithetical to her nature.”

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