32 Reasons Why Clay Honeycutt Is The Most Fuckable Big Brother Houseguest Ever

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With one very large exception, Big Brother 17 doesn’t have to much offer in terms of male eye candy. Last year, we had Caleb, Cody, and Zach. This year? It’s all about one guy: Clay fucking Honeycutt.


The square-jawed hunk looks like he just stepped out of a superhero movie. Or a Sean Cody set.


He’s muscular—but not too muscular.


He’s so pretty, and yet so ruggedly, traditionally handsome.

tumblr_nrb0sx7GOT1r7ttu8o4_1280♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

tumblr_nrb0sx7GOT1r7ttu8o3_1280Clay Honeycutt did some modeling (of course) before being cast on BB17.



Clay loves to shower!


Even if you’re not into watersports, would you let Clay Honeycutt piss on you? (Yes, duh.)


He’s comfortable with his sexuality, and enjoys spending time with other men.

tumblr_nrifuy00RP1tf14qko1_1280Clay and his fellow houseguest James have a special relationship.


If this whole Big Brother thing doesn’t work out, Clay Honeycutt could always go work for GayHoopla.

tumblr_nqqoghh7of1uyii58o1_250Hey girl hey…

ezgif-4032494310tumblr_nqjecw2kOU1uyii58o1_500Clay loves to keep in good shape.

tumblr_nqvsv7yycZ1skpd8qo5_540tumblr_nqvsv7yycZ1skpd8qo1_540And he clearly cares about his physical appearance.

tumblr_nr79uwYxfr1u32epwo1_400Trust me, Clay, you look great!

tumblr_nqz3p6bAWk1qcgptno7_1280Fun Fact #1: Clay Honeycutt is as hot as he is boring.

tumblr_nrgbb7DYlt1skpd8qo4_500Fun Fact #2: Clay Honeycutt is as dumb as he is hot (he hasn’t won a single competition all summer long).

tumblr_nrb6az4xsq1uyii58o1_500Clay knows how to handle a stick.

tumblr_nr13oyHXiL1qj7o4ao1_1280And big balls!

tumblr_nrv4qraPgC1u32epwo1_400He’s just so dreamy…

tumblr_nrs4ly43Qh1qdc2amo1_1280And such a good listener…

tumblr_nrpaam0D3P1uvg8t7o1_500Clay’s never seen one this big before!

But something tells me he’d be able to take it…


Clay Honeycutt kind of gives off a 90’s gay porn star vibe, right?

clay honeycutt nudeBut, so far, we don’t know what Clay Honeycutt looks like fully nude. Stay tuned…


Waiting for that Clay Honeycutt dick slip like…


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