Cliff Jensen Lets His Girlfriend Watch As He Cheats On Her With Johnny Rapid

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jfqDoes letting your girlfriend watch as you cheat on her somehow make it OK? That’s the set-up for the new Johnny Rapid and Cliff Jensen scene, which has a cameo from a fun blonde girl who gets to watch Cliff fuck Johnny via video chat.

6 12 13 18 19 22After so many years, so many scenes, and so many cocks, lucky Johnny finally gets to ride big Cliff! I think Johnny’s best performances come when the dicks he’s riding are extra large, so this is a smart pairing.


Full video trailer here.

[ Cliff Jensen Fucks Johnny Rapid]

  • Tim

    depends on the terms of the relationship, doesn’t it? Didn’t Sean Cody’s Sean’s wife say on camera that watching his gay porn got her going?

    • Marik Ishtar

      What’s the female equivalent of cuckold?

      • Pertinax

        ” Cuckquean ” …I had to do a research on a dictionary to know what ‘ cuckold ‘ meant and then on Wikipedia to find the feminine. Hey, all of you that doesn’t like women in gay porn : This gave me a certain work and to commemorate what I learnt today I’ll post a gratuitous picture of what I think I happy cuckquean should be. Enjoy !

        • Mark123

          I wonder if when she gets to the airline check-in counter they ask, “So, two carry on bags?”.

          • Pertinax


        • Jay

          I dunno, I’m getting Mistress vibes, not so much cuckquean vibes from her demeanor.

          • Pertinax


  • Norminah

    I’m tired of women in gay porn, I can’t but help find it weird and unnecessary, plus it’s not like this same scenario can’t be accomplished with another porn star playing the boyfriend or husband.

    • Marik Ishtar

      Okay, okay, hold on there. It’s one thing to ask Men to accept homosexuality but you want them to acknowledge same-sex marriage too? I mean, there is such a thing as too much progress.

    • Mark123

      I’m tired of dirty feet. Couldn’t they at least have baby wipes on set?

    • Callinguout

      Stupid MEN has been including a lot of women in their gay porn…i think Mike Pence hired MINDGEEK a straight owned company for conversion therapy.

    • Sed

      I like women but I don’t want them anywhere near my gayporn either.

    • @FullyPumped

      I came here to say the same thing. Usually there’s simply no reason for having them in the scene.

      Just give me the freaking sex because I skip through the rest of it.

    • CamCam

      I couldn’t agree with this anymore if I tried. Why the fuck are their women in gay porn to begin with? What purpose do they serve? Do you see men in lesbian porn? I highly doubt it. That shit is creepy as fuck and it needs to stop like yesterday. An instant boner killer

    • Jamie

      Au comtraire. I love having women there. Makes it much more exciting

  • PaulieP

    cliff YES…woman in gay porn NO.

  • Marik Ishtar

    Again, isn’t this just Saturday for these gay-for-pay stars?

  • Javk

    Its not cheating if she is ok with it, and I think for a man to cuckquean his wife/girlfriend is hot, it’ll be hotter if she were present in the room as they do it.

  • Pertinax
  • Pertinax

    Johnny, the one and only owner of the – ” I want to shit ! ( …righr now ! ) ” facial expression …

    • scooternva

      I would suggest that he needs acting lessons to learn how to make a new face, but what I’d really prefer is for the straight little unattractive twerp to just GTFO of gay porn.

  • TheThom

    Christmas cums early!

  • Reginald Jones

    Scenes like this must appeal to women hating gay men.

  • Bastian

    If they think that their scenes will have more value or credibility by placing women in it, they are so fucking wrong.
    Unless their goal is to reduce the number of masturbating customers, they are on the right track.

  • R.A.M.J

    Honestly, I can’t watch any porn, gay or str8, that has a cheating scenario. Too much of that shit happening in real life to be included in something that is supposed to be fantasy.