Closeted Conservative Pays Off White Supremacist $500K For Sexually Assaulting Him

Posted March 28, 2024 by with 6 comments

As you’ll recall, the ghoulish faggot on the left is Matt Schlapp, the CPAC leader who groped the “junk” of the MAGA racist on the right, Carlton Huffman (who himself was accused of sexually assaulting two women). Now, the closet case has paid off the white supremacist $480,000 to drop his sexual assault lawsuit, via CNN:

The Republican operative who accused American Conservative Union chairman Matt Schlapp of sexual assault last year received a significant financial settlement in exchange for dropping his lawsuit against Schlapp, multiple sources familiar with the case told CNN.

The $480,000 settlement was paid to Carlton Huffman through an insurance policy, according to a source familiar with the details. Schlapp’s legal team did not respond for comment when asked about the financial settlement, but on Tuesday said that Huffman dropped the lawsuit and Schlapp claimed he had been exonerated.

When reached for comment, Huffman told CNN, “I am only legally allowed to say five words, and that is ‘We have resolved our differences.’ Those are the only five words that I’m legally allowed to say.”


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