CockyBoys’ 10-Year Anniversary Featured Powercouples, Pups, And A Pool Party

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IMG_4029Yesterday, CockyBoys celebrated its 10-year anniversary with a picturesque pool party at their home in New York, and I’m not sure what was more amazing: The stunning estate and beautiful surroundings, or the gorgeous models in bathing suits who greeted guests upon arrival? If you ask Bella (Levi Karter’s pup), it was neither, because the most amazing thing at the party was actually the BBQ. (And, I have to say, I might agree with Bella.)

IMG_4076 IMG_4075I think all the cute dogs in attendance might’ve been my favorite part of the party, tbh. Calvin Banks brought his girl Joanne, and here they are with Beaux Banks:

IMG_4039Actually, who am I kidding. The best part of the party was obviously the powercouples. Mickey Knox and Colby Chambers:


Ricky Roman and Michael Ribezzo:

IMG_4049And, making their first appearance together at an event, Alex Mecum and Carter Dane:


Apologies in advance for these next two pics. Please, try not to die like I did:

IMG_4067 IMG_4071Thank you to all the guys for letting us take so many photos (in addition to the models, friends, and fans, CockyBoys also invited bloggers, photographers, and industry peers…and I think we had our phones and cameras out the entire time).

These next photos don’t feature real-life couples, but they are real-life scene partners. Sean Ford’s first CockyBoys scene (already filmed) set for release will be with Calvin Banks…and his next one will probably be with Colby Keller (also already filmed):

IMG_4082 IMG_4102

Ridiculously attractive (and incredibly sweet) CockyBoys exclusive Josh Moore was also on hand, and he was looking like this, in case you’re not dead yet:


Liam Riley and Boomer Banks were the life and love of the party (and Boomer was also the chef preparing the insanely good BBQ):


George Alvin kept everything running smoothly:


Cory Kane made the pool party that much hotter, as did Allen King and Danny Montero:


Finally, Liam Riley and Levi Karter with Carter Dane:


  • NG212

    Wow, everyone looks amazing — especially Alex and Carter, who have me gagging. They have to be two of the sweetest, most drama-free guys in porn. Plus they’re as hot as the seventh ring of hell.

    And Zach, you give us shade like no one else. But I’m so glad you’ve had a great long weekend in New York, surrounded by hot performers and feeling the industry camaraderie and support you’ve always deserved.

    • S .

      Funny that Alex was being filmed by Billy Santoro bb’ing another guy about a month ago. Time flies.

      • SteadyNUnremitting

        That was a year ago, with Griffin Barrow.

  • VADick4U2

    Are Mickey Knox and Colby Chambers still doing videos for CockeyBoys?

    • peter

      I suspect they have a partnership, just like they do with Helix.

  • Scrapple

    I’ve always been fuzzy on CB’s origin story. I know Kyle Majors was running it before Jake and RJ took over a few years back. But wasn’t Derrick Vinyard involved somehow? Some of those early write-ups made it sound like he was either the original owner, or co-owner. Or was he just the face of the site and Kyle was the man behind the curtain?

    I didn’t know Alex had locked down Carter. Good on him.

    Now, I’m not a body language expert, but I’m going to assume Sean had more fun with Calvin than he did with Colby. Differing political views at play?

    Mickey looks like Tayte in that photo.

    Looks like a fun time was had by all. And I’m sure the ticks were well-fed.

    • Mark123

      I thought the same thing about the Sean/Calvin/Colby photos. Of course I always thought that Colby looked like the rental agent that works the 12p – 8a shift at a KOA trailer park rental spot.

      • Scrapple

        He doesn’t?

    • Stacy

      Did Tayte leave with bad blood? Parties like this used to be his scene…

      • Scrapple

        I haven’t heard anything indicating that. Now that you mention it, I don’t think I’ve ever heard a model leave CB and then badmouth the studio.

  • Quinton Jackson
  • Maximus

    Why are the guys wearing the same brand and style of swim trunks/thongs in different colors? Was there a team competition of some kind? Why did Carter Dane defect from the Magenta Team to the Scarlet Team? Also, when did he start dating Alex Mecum? Is Joanne named after Gaga’s latest album? Who is that large homeless man with the goggles who’s posing with Sean Ford in the second photo? So many unanswered questions.

  • Pertinax

    So many from the same church … So many singing at the same chorus … For civilians like us this seems to come from a parallel gay universe ( heaven ? ) …Weird as some family photos.

  • TK

    Are Calvin and Troy Accola still a couple?

  • Pertinax

    So cute !

  • Raava

    I only came here to steal gifs

  • S .

    We need to find a new definition/term for power couples.

  • Paul J

    Carter Dane is wearing the tightest of shorts…

  • John

    Michael Ribezzo wins cutest shorts on the cutest guy award….I hope he fucks as well as he looks time to find some scenes with him in it….glad to hear Sean Ford going to cocky boys they shoot good stuff, he is runner up of the cutest shorts on cutest guy award…

    • nbtx27

      Too bad that have A sean Colby Keller scene. One of the best looking guys in porn with one of the worst looking.

  • nbtx27

    Only good looking guy there was Sean Ford.

    • Birdy65

      add George Alvin aka Max Ryder and Danny Montero

  • bx_ny

    Sean Ford and a bunch of trolls