Cody Cummings Meltdown: “Cancel Your Membership To

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cody4Here we go again.

Cody Cummings was fired (or he quit, depending on which version of events you believe) from NextDoorStudios in 2013. Then, last year, he made a pathetic return to the studio for even more flaccid jerk off videos and boring blowjob clips. And now? Surprise! He’s been fired (or maybe he quit, who knows/cares) for a second time.

cody1The best part about this Twitter meltdown was when he asked fans to cancel their memberships. (As if anyone still pays for memberships to

cody2Just like last time, Cody says he was being fucked over (and not in a good way) by NextDoor:

cody3 cody5When he was fired/quit back in 2013, Cody said it was because he wanted more bisexual scenes, and NextDoor was all, “no.” I’ve been hearing that sales for have been in the toilet ever since his return last year, so it only makes sense for NextDoor to get rid of him (again).

cody6Given that all he’s willing to do is receive oral sex and jerk guys off with his foot, it’s pretty much a guarantee that no other studio will hire him, as fans aren’t willing to pay for the same bullshit anymore. The jig is up, Miss Cummings.



Wait, now I’m thinking someone hacked into his account?

cody8The “Just Cody” Twitter has been active for years, and was a marketing account run by NextDoor up until a few months ago, when the real Cody took over. If these last few tweets from today are still from him, maybe he’s finally ready to have some actual gay sex? Ha ha, yeah right.

As fun as Meltdown Cody is, my favorite thing to come out of this whole mess is the discovery of Cody Cummings stan Allison Arnold, an epic and raging lunatic who might be my favorite person of all time?

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