This Story Of How Colby Chambers Met Mickey Knox Is The Sweetest Thing You’ll Read Today

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C6UqADNVUAUPELkThey’re studio owners, exceptional performers, real-life husbands, and two of the nicest guys you’ll ever meet. And as if you couldn’t love them enough already, the story of how Colby Chambers and Mickey Knox met seven years ago (when they were both servers at Red Lobster!) is the sweetest, most romantic thing you’ll read today.


Colby Chambers posted the below message to his husband and best friend Mickey Knox yesterday, in honor of Mickey’s birthday:


Mickey Knox then told fans that because of Colby, he’s faced his fears and is now living a life he can be proud of:


In addition to being good to each other, they are, obviously, very good to their fans, too. ICYMI, Colby and Mickey’s last on-camera performance as a couple was a few weeks ago. In it, Colby creampied Mickey’s ass and his mouth with the same load, since fans had expressed interest in seeing Colby cum in both places.


[ColbyKnox: Colby Chambers And Mickey Knox]

  • Danny Boi

    If only I could have that. :'(

  • bo69

    Wonderful post, these guys are the best.

  • C3xxx

    One of the very few on Chaturbate to engage fans in conversation and paying attention to what their viewers have to say. I’m unsure what’s going on between them and CB though; Mickey had tweeted something about CB not supporting gay cammers or something along that line….

    • SuperAir88 .

      Chaturbate do seem to have a history of not supporting high earning male cammers, perhaps they think its takes something away from their female cammers.

      • peter

        That doesn’t sound right, since these sites get money from volume, regardless of who’s paying: pink bucks are just as green as we’ve been saying in the context of homophobic bakers, etc.

        I imagine a Venn diagram of the customers for female and male web cams would be a null-set. Straight men and lesbians watch women, gay men and straight women watch men.

        • MoonBoy

          CB has banned them multiple times with always a different ridiculous reason. A couple of weeks ago they were doing a ticket show with a couple of other models and their account was banned IN THE MIDDLE OF THE SHOW! I seriously doubt that CB would do that with any of their straight cammers.

          • Default_User

            If i have to venture a guess, someone homophobic reported their room, and whoever who is the general monitor of CB is also homophobic, and banned the room.

            On CB it is not uncommon to see performers who only want to talk to women or ban gay viewers.

          • C3xxx

            :( that’d explain the tone of Mickey’s tweet. Is CAM4 just as bad?

  • Jon

    Oh, was about to drop a snarky comment about how I give it a year before they’re filing restraining orders against each other.

    Didn’t know they’d been together for 5 year though, that’s like 20 years in gay years and 75 years in gay porn star years.

  • Schnitzel

    That just put tears in my eyes. They add an element of class to an industry in dire need of that.

    • Pertinax
      • Default_User

        Oh dear god.

        Just because they have sex for your entertainment doesn’t mean they are classless. I think sometimes people who watch porn are so eager to disparage people who are IN porn just because you think you are a better than them. If you think porn actors are beneath you, then stop watching porn and stop coming to this website to disparage people who fucks for other people’s entertainment. They are two young guys who own their own business, making decent money enough to afford a nice place in the country, and fly in models to fuck for your entertainment. They are nice and polite on cam sites. They did not have any meltdowns i know of on social media. keep their private (non-sex) lives to themselves, and as far as i can tell, did not use drugs or be hot messes in public. In my book, these two are pretty much two of the nicest guys in the industry.

        If you hate porn stars so much, stop watching porn and stay out of porn blogs.

  • peter

    Colby had done some stuff for Falcon earlier. I’m wondering if that was before they got together?

    My guess is they figured that they were both hot guys, and camming and later porn paid a lot better than Red Lobster.

    You can get the full story in the preview to their CockyBoys Montreal scene. Should be watched just to hear Mickey say ‘skeered’! Colby is so right about his Country Boy accent!

    I’ve always wondered why Mickey Knox chose Woody Harrelson’s character’s name from Natural Born Killers? It’s the antithesis of his character.

    • Zachary Sire

      The falcon scene was in 2013, so they were already together and dating at that time.

  • Zealot

    …I just can’t believe I’m going to admit this here. But, I read M/M romance novels, so I totally believe this is possible….rare…but possible…and I cheer it. I mean, they’re unconventional in that they have sex with other people but if they can continue doing that and stay in love and keep what they have special…I support them 100%. Cheers guys. Keep your romance alive, and many many more happy anniversaries to come.

  • Scrapple

    Colby and Mickey manage to fuck other people (enjoying it all the way) while still being completely devoted to each other. I love the dichotomy of their relationship. It’s piggish and mundane, conventional and unconventional all at the same time. And it works. I’m sure their story has given hope to many jaded queens who are inclined to shit on love (and Red Lobster). It probably has also given hope to many guys who have uttered those classic words, “Too bad he has a girlfriend.” I’d be rooting for them even if they weren’t hot. But that’s a nice and welcome bonus.

    • peter

      One of my caveats about gay marriage is that gays will try to adopt ‘heteronormative’ (God, I hate that term!) standards of conjugal fidelity. Seeing as these haven’t worked out too well for straights, that would only be repeating a mistake. There’s almost something dirty about using sexual exclusivity as the measure for a loving relationship.

      Porn allows these guys to indulge their fantasies. Recently Colby got to satisfy his lust for Grayson and Logan, and a while back, with his long-time porn-crush Pierre Fitch. Mickey got joyously impaled by Jack Hunter and River Wilson. It’s like a gift to each other. I also think they get off on watching their partner have fun, too, like Jack Horner watching Dirk Diggler fuck Amber Waves.

      • Scrapple

        I don’t necessarily agree with the idea that gay guys being in a monogamous and committed relationship infers they’re trying to emulate hetero unions. There are plenty of gays couples who enjoy having a closed relationship. Just like there are plenty of straight couples who enjoy having an open relationship. I think it’s dangerous to tell gay couples to fuck around so as to throw a middle finger to heterosexuals and how they may or may not define love. Not every gay couple is cut out for that life. Plus it unnecessarily feeds into the stereotype of the promiscuous gays who can’t keep it in their pants. If fucking and/or loving multiple partners is your thing, cool. If only being involved with one person at a time is your thing, also cool. So long as the involved parties are honest about what they want and expect, that’s all that matters.

        • Ninja0980

          I’m someone who is in a closed relationship for over a decade and it will stay that way.
          If some people think I’m a prude for that so be it but I simply have no desire to share my other half with other men and he feels the same way.

          • Binary Busting Boo Boo Kitty

            I’m sure he’s fucking prostitutes behind your back.

      • WhimsyCotton

        There’s nothing “heteronormative” about monogamy. It is a choice couples of any orientation make. Negative arguments can be made for open relationships much more easily than they can for monogamous relationships.

        I have nothing against people in open relationships, that’s their prerogative, but I definitely have issues with people who try to shove that lifestyle onto all gay people – and not just because of the stereotypes it reinforces.

    • Maximus
      • Scrapple

        That’s why I specified “many” instead of “all.” I’m fully aware some queens would rather run a kingdom on their own than share a throne. And some will also realize far too late they had opportunities for love and squandered it. Like Mary, Queen of Thots. Long. May. She. Reign.

        • Maximus

          Mary is the Queen of Thots? Kim Kardashian is currently sharpening her bladed press-ons, and Kris has sent an advance of loyal paparazzi to Mary’s castle to blind the castle guards with flash photography. Khole is getting fitted for armor that shows off her muscles while simultaneously hiding her lipo scars. Lamar still lacks the cognitive and motor functions necessary in order to fight. North will be watching a live video feed of the battle on her iPad mini as part of her ongoing PR/thot training. Kourtney is watching North and Saint, in addition to her and Scott’s children. Scott spent last night bingeing coke and fucking random thots, so he needs a break from all of that. Kanye is on a vacation alone with Ricardo Tisci and couldn’t be reached for comment. Rob tried to get out the door to join the fray, but he couldn’t fit through any of his house’s exterior doorframes and thus returned to eating Vicodin cheeseburgers and sketching sock designs. Kendall is “like, literally already over it.” Kylie was rummaging through her wardrobe looking for bladed press-ons identical to Kim’s, but the former tripped and knocked over a bunch of her wigs; she’s now trapped in a tangled mass of lace and human hair. Tyga wasn’t famous enough to be invited to join the battle. Caitlyn is still so shook by the notion that a far-right Republican president would implement anti-trans public policy that she can’t manage to do anything other than sit in front of a mirror and brush her hair (she can’t even pull herself together enough to continue pretending to write a book).

          Unbeknownst to all of those mentioned above, Blac Chyna has already violently deposed Mary and now sits upon the throne in Thot Castle.

          • Scrapple
          • Maximus

            Oh look, it’s that girl who fucked John Mayer once and didn’t hear from him again until he started dating her good friend! She should consider using that inexplicable half of a turtleneck she’s wearing to sop up all of the bad blood.

          • Scrapple

            See, why do we always have to pit women against each other? So what if Taylor’s dating history includes big names in the worlds of music and closets, and a political connection, while Katy’s history reads like the discharge papers from a sober living facility? We should be lifting these women up, not tearing them down. Especially Katy. She needs our support the most after she tried a preemptive strike which backfired when she got upstaged in her own video by Ms. Minaj. Stans are calling for plots and stares at this time.

          • Maximus

            Can we talk about that music video? What the fuck was that nonsense? The production values were absolute shit. It looked like it was made using ’90s special effects, the concept made no sense, and the blatant product placement was so egregious that I wanted to whip Katy with one of her old blue wigs. I also refuse to offer any praise for Miss Minaj until I can clarify whether or not she is an ally.

          • Scrapple

            I can only assume she was going for a “Dodgeball: A True Underdog Story” feel but with a basketball theme. It was all silly. And the budget must’ve been huge considering the cameos and everything else. Not really a fan of the song either.

            As for Onika, you might as well write that name down in red and underline it. Like her video consort, Nicki was doing the whole queerbaiting “I may have kissed a girl…and liked it” bit when she first started hitting the mainstream. Also, her alter-ego Roman Zolanski is/was supposed to be her gay twin. Forget the fact that his name is clearly a reference to Roman Polanski (which is problematic enough). In her own words she has described him as a “lunatic” and a “demon inside her.” That demon motif was explored in her Grammy performance for Roman Holiday which had an exorcism theme. Roman also did a song with Eminem’s not-so-gay-friendly alter Slim Shady. I wouldn’t say Nicki is Azealia Banks, but she’s no Gaga either.

          • Maximus

            I appreciate the whole opposite-gender alter ego thing. My alter ego is a strong, independent, woman named Sasha who’s the COO of a major advertising agency (she’s currently plotting a hostile takeover that would install her as CEO).

            Still, I won’t be gagging over Nicki until she’s fully onboard the rainbow train to Queerville. (Side note: The video production people were so wrong for putting her in front of a green-screen and lighting her up with those basic-ass CGI torches. Give the woman some real pyrotechnics for Gay Christ’s sake!)

            I’ve heard of Azealia Banks, but I didn’t know she was a rapper. I thought she was an Amber Rose type. It’s so difficult to keep track of all of these singer/rapper/actress/model/mattress/Insta thot girls.

          • Scrapple

            Was the creation of your alter inspired by All My Children or Dynasty?

            The whole “there’s a gay boy trapped inside of me bit” isn’t really my issue. When your gay persona is presented as being demonic and crazy and quick to hurt people, that’s a problem. If you want to say outlandish and shocking things, you say it. Don’t hide behind a gay character who people are supposed to be afraid of. That’s one of several reasons why I no longer fuck with Nicki. For the longest time people would look at me sideways for saying I wasn’t a fan, then I finally got sucked into buying two of her albums. But her formula got old quick. Even if she has a catchy song and a sick beat, I always feel like sometimes her raps are too forced. If you have to frequently resort to gimmicks like stuttering, repeating and flat out gaps to fill your bars, that’s a problem.

            Azealia is a mess.

          • Maximus

            I adopted the Sasha Fierce persona when BeyoncĂ© discarded it in order to become Mrs. Carter. It’s just one of the many ways in which I pay tribute to Her greatness.

            I was completely unaware of Nicki’s gayscapades. Can’t say I’m surprised, to be honest. I was put off by her disrespectful attitude toward Mariah during their brief stint on Idol.

            “Stay away from Azealia.” Noted.

  • Hari Kalyan

    They are so cute together. And I remember Mickey telling his side of their “how we met” story in the beginning of their Cockyboys 3-way scene. I wonder if Mickey is still friends with his ex-gf

  • Eric

    So nice to read an uplifting story on this site for a change! Good for them!!

  • troach

    I vaguely remember Colby on Flirt4Free with someone else then it was a 3 way cam with Mikey and then just the 2 of them.

  • BamBam

    Love these guys. Their love for each other is what makes watching them so damn sexy. Watching them with others is great but watching them together is kind of breathtaking. Plus, they come across as truly genuine and likeable guys.

  • Cosmic

    And they say true love is dead.

  • WhimsyCotton

    My favorite porn couple. I have a feeling they’d be an interesting Youtube couple to watch too though I doubt they’d have the time to film and edit Youtube videos while also filming and performing in porn and keeping up with model booking, etc.

  • DumDumBonerMaker

    I’d like to know who made the first move and how — and what gave him the go-ahead to do so since it seems they both were hiding their orientation at the time*.

    If anyone can answer.. please explain slowly.. no slower.. yeah just like that.

    *I could be wrong – but I came away from the message thinking Colby was in the closet and Mikey had a gf — perhaps things changed before the first-move was made.

  • Marcus Collack

    Apparently to be fucked good, Red Lobster has to be involved somehow. Hey Red you might want to change your slogan.