Colby Keller, Who Voted For Trump, Reminds Fans: “I Don’t Support Trump”

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Screen Shot 2017-07-24 at 3.02.17 PM 1In case you forgot, Colby Keller voted for Donald Trump last November. And, as he explained prior to the election, while he was voting for Trump, he is actually a communist and does not actually support Trump. Confused? Don’t be! Here he is repeating that clarification in a Q&A with someone extremely hot named Chris Baker. (Baker has a YouTube channel featuring a comedy series, “Trump Takedown,” and Colby has appeared in one of those videos.)

Note that during the discussion, at around 2:00, Colby is asked about doing another art project similar to Colby Does America, but he admits that financing the project would be tough, especially since he’s “blown [his] social capital wad,” which is an obvious reference to the Trump fallout. He goes on to say, “Maybe people will learn to forgive me.”

If Colby Keller were to come forward and apologize for his Trump vote, would you forgive him?

  • nerfherder1989

    Who keeps hiring this piece of shit, Oh wait cocky boys.
    Like honestly he’s a huge POS, just having the privilege of voting for someone just to see what would happen. Colby never thought about no one else but himself. But hey at least him saying who he voted for made me realize he’s just another stereotypical porn model who will get a pass because he is good looking, white, and male.

    • Xzamilloh

      It’s just the obnoxious level of pseudo intellect that is so grating. Sometimes it’s better to be thought of as a fool than to open your mouth, swallow a few loads, and remove all doubt.

      • Ceecee

        The funny part is that a fair number of stars have STEM degrees or law backgrounds, and none of them spend all this time reminding is of how smart they are (except maybe Rocco Steele).

        • nerfherder1989

          I’ve actually noticed that. There are a few models out there who are very intelligent and much more respectful than a colby. I used to have a membership to cocky boys and had respect for them but since they’re still hiring this guy I cancelled my membership.

        • skye3245

          Its those 30-40 percent that are morons or think they are smarter than they are. Some do a detriment because some ppl treat them like celebrities and they take that fame and instead of being smart about it they push the worse agendas. I don’t care if your a porn star whose gay, straight, whatever but realize what you do and the impact it has overall on your audience

  • TK

    He barely even talked about it in this video, but I know from previous explanations that he is a mess on the topic. The communism, the chaos vote, the anti-Hillary sentiment, the blatant disregard for the damage his position caused for minority groups living through Trump. Count me under the fuck off already column.

  • Xzamilloh

    What kind of choice is that poll???? LOL How about “None of the above”?

    • CA

      Exactly, I really do not care who Colby Keller voted for and why. He is still a great performer and looks good.

      • Ceecee

        I’m not sure that’s what he’s saying 😛

        Overall I find Colby Keller SUPER basic white bread, and I don’t really get where his following comes from. That would be my poll option of choice.

        • CA

          We both agree that we don’t care.

          He isn’t the best looking guy, but I think he is a great performer and he seems like a genuinely nice guy. Do I agree with his political vote, no. I do not think he is an evil person and I think the desire to judge and vilify a person over his identified poor decision is unnecessary….especially in my porn.

          • DaveAtom

            Agree. People have different points of view, that can change in our lifetimes. I also like him and what he does.

          • dqh257

            He’s an enthusiastic performer, actually gay, and versatile. Seems pretty obvious why people like his porn persona. His politics are another matter…..

    • skye3245

      right..where was the “i didn’t vote for trump and wish Colby would go away” choice. The choices seem a little pandering. But thats just me. Like I don’t blame Colby but him being an idiot has put him in the same catergory as Ryan Rose, Paul Canon, and Damien Vile

      • FrenchBug

        Zach always writes the answers to his polls over-the-top in each direction; he’s being cheeky.

        • skye3245

          I was looking like “i can’t vote”. But i did anyways lol. After the last year tho i’m not surprised by the gay Trump fans. They will learn.

          • McM.

            No they won’t.

          • skye3245

            True, Sir,true.

      • WhimsyCotton

        If you can’t blame Colby, and others like him, who can you blame???

  • Zealot

    And now, here to provide a personal demonstration of how to backstroke….Colby Keller!

    • Zealot
      • Pertinax

        Thumbs down for his pretention and mild madness but thumbs up for his image and performance when fucking. I had a good opinion about him based on what I read in his blog. I thought he was a reasonable person, the oposite that I think about him today. Social media only makes me realise the real delusional train wreck that he is.

        • skye3245

          That goes to my theory that porn stars should stay offline or just post naked photos and thats it. When they open their mouths, i’d say 60 percent sound like idiots or that they don’t realize they are porn stars and that what they say sounds like BS hypocritical crap

        • wincrasher

          Are you talking about Colby or Trump?

          • Pertinax

            L.O.L. Colby, of course. Nothing more antipathetic than a foreigner putting his nose in others’ national issues …Although I have opinions about Trump that I keep with me.

  • Ceecee

    Is there an option for “I never found him attractive in the first place”?

    For real girl, if even Republican trust fund boy RyRo had the good sense not to vote for Trump, something is wrong here.

  • Matthias M.

    I’m so sick of Trump supporters acting like they aren’t responsible for their own actions. Trump ran a campaign of hate and divisiveness, he voted for it; own it.

    • skye3245

      He back pedaling thinking someone will eventually give him some play money. “Nope bye botch” he can go away to Russia where they cool with communism. I’m sure he doesn’t even know what communism is

    • nick

      I doubt most people who voted for him realized what a crazy motherfucker he really is, but it’s starting to dawn on them, his approval ratings seem to indicate that.

  • iHeartJames

    He should have known better he went on a platform and said he was voting for a man who pretty much disrespected everybody but the blue collar whites in his campaign so fuck you Colby I hope somebody fucks you and pulls out too quickly causing a doodoo splash all over the floor


    I don’t blame Colby for the problems with Trump, but I will never pay money for anything he produces. I am a person who does subscribe to sites and have been a Colby fan. This changed my mind. When I see his cumshots now all I can think of is his bizarre comments.


      and OMG there were people that read this blog that voted for Trump according to your results above.

      • moondoggy

        I took the poll just to see how many people clicked that. 17 at the time of my response. I’m sure the disgust for Trump here is not 100 percent, but I do also wonder how many of those were people just clicking that to be contrary

  • DrunkEnough

    He wanted Трамп because Трамп promised to blow up government, a sure sign of white privilege, and now he wants to duck responsibility for the disaster he invited? Fuck him. I haven’t cum to a Colby Keller video since that, and I never will. I wouldn’t cum to a Jill Stein-voting Conner Habib video, either, even if he was still employed in porn and not just trawling for hookups on BarebackRT like he actually is.

  • Xzamilloh
  • synnerman


  • AJ’s Black Widow

    Too late Colby, you already ruined yourself.

  • stephen
  • OverKill
  • doodlebug

    Colby’s big mistake was talking about it. His reasoning was specious at best (communism, Colby really come on), but it was his right. I don’t really think this a rock porn fans want to look to closely under though. Think about it, what was Trumps biggest demo? Non-college educated, straight identified, white males from the south and mid-west. That also seems to be the biggest demo working in gay porn today. I wouldn’t be surprised quite a few of the biggest names voted for Trump, they just had the good sense to keep it off their social media.

    • FrenchBug

      But you see talking about it was largely the point. When you are a self-righteous blowhard like he is, you NEED people to know you’re doing this. Otherwise the futility of it all would make its idiocy all too pronounced. Voting for Trump from the Left or for the Greens only works if you can then preen around tsk-tsking fooling “regular Democrats” and proclaim your moral superiority because you went *revolutionary* in the name of purity.
      Of course, that games would have worked best for his ego if Trump had proceeded to lose as everyone assumed. That way, he could have continued lecturing us every time Hillary made a mistake or made a compromise that was more to the right than what we would have wanted – inevitable as it would have been. “Don’t blame me, I didn’t vote for that neoliberal warmongering harpie” was his plan. Well, you voted for the racist unhinged plutocrat we have instead. Hope his moral certitudes keep him warm at night because the people whose lives are being slowly destroyed want him and his attention-seeking ways to FUCK OFF.

    • skye3245

      Exactly, and now they don’t have health care and gonna get hit with huge taxes in those checks. Now they all crying on twitter

    • xmiro

      those of us who’ve lived under actual communism can see the left wing liberal cunts for what they are

  • Pertinax

    Still handsome but a huge train wreck as many like him.

  • xmiro

    how dare he be gay and not support a lying bitch!

    • skye3245

      He did support one.

      • xmiro

        at least it wasn’t the ugly lying twat who had to rig everything just to get nominated and still lost

        • skye3245

          Funny cause from their own admission and records he lied and cheated to get in his position so i’m curious why you so mad….(ok, i’ll give you a little leeway…his kids cheated and bamboozled his way in) plus the fact that we will soon be a year in and all he’s done is gold, travel and finally get his wife to stop wasting tax payers dollars and move to DC in the residence that we all still pay for. So…the only liar i see is Dumpf being that he still hasn’t done one thing that apparently you voted him in to do. So maybe tweet him and ask him about that

          • xmiro

            At least Trump won the nomination despite everything. And the presidency despite everyone telling us he had 1% chance.

            Wikileaks showed us the dry old cunt had her stooges go and sabotage Sanders in the primaries because people wretched

            And they fed her the questions before the debate so she can seem prepared.

            And she spent $1.5+ BILLION

            AND she still lost.

            To Donald fucking Trump! :))

          • skye3245

            Ok, but my point was about the current state of the country and his presidency. You are berating about her and things that are not close to valid as of the question that I poised. This isn’t me coming at you or being aggressive. But i noticed a lot of ppl to cover for him bring her up. Ok, she lost. But as of this moment what is HE doing? Because as of this moment he’s basically taking up space and wasting tax payers dollars. So again, not being aggressive, what is his plan for actually getting at least one thing done?

          • xmiro

            my problem is with the implication that you can’t be gay and vote for anyone else but a disgusting old bitch who took money form gay bashing regimes.

          • skye3245

            Theres more than 2 parties….So everyone saying this whole 2 parties thing and no one to vote for…we all had more choices, plus write ins. So again berating a person who at this point has no call in our country is basically a moot point. But i guess I was right. You will spend time bashing someone who is not even valid as of this moment here today, instead of speaking to what HE’s doing besides golfing and watching his children do idiotic things with our nations respect with the only reply “its not the big of a deal”

          • xmiro

            The two loons that ran 3rd and 4th?

            I’m European, those two nutjobs might as well not have existed. Especially Jill the shill. That wasn’t options

          • skye3245

            Again there were loads of ppl to vote for. But i’m going to leave this convo because I can see you would rather berate and scream and yell. When the point is there is literally no lateral movement in this country and no progress. But you’d rather not speak to that. I do hope you have a good evening and enjoy the rest of your week

          • planetwingnuttia

            where do u think Trump gets his money ???

          • Maximus

            That’s a lie. Aside from the inconsequential act of Donna Brazile sharing a debate question ahead of time, there is zero evidence that Hillary’s campaign or the DNC did anything other than talk shit about Bernie. PBS Newshour didn’t report that the primary was rigged, NPR didn’t report that the primary was rigged, the BBC World Service didn’t report that the primary was rigged, and Politifact didn’t report that the primary was rigged.

            You are a liar. Your behavior is disgusting and reprehensible, for it contributes to the continued decline of the American political system. Our society is doomed if we don’t commit ourselves to basing political discourse in well-documented facts.

          • xmiro

            Plenty of evidence in the Wikileaks emails about what the old wrinkled bitch was up to :)

          • Maximus

            More lies. You also happen to have zero credibility. Oh, and then there’s the whole blatant misogyny thing.

            Zach, I know that you’re not a Hillary fan, but this guy is making demonstrably untrue accusations and using sexist language. I’ve seen you ban people for spreading false information, and I’ve seen you ban people for prejudiced remarks. Doesn’t this guy warrant being banned?

          • xmiro


            Squeeze any harder and you’d break those anal beads you’re clutching dear :)

          • Maximus

            I appreciate your concern for my rectum, but my anal beads are made of diamonds.

          • xmiro

            yes, inconsequential act of a corrupt helping a corrupt. The worthless dry vagina had to have questions fed to her. And still couldn’t win lol

          • Maximus

            Dry vaginas aren’t worthless; that’s what lube is for.

      • planetwingnuttia

        Oh thank Goodness there’s a block user feature…. dont need some trump boot licker read on this page

  • Schnitzel

    Not just the Drumpf vote but he always leaves me wanting a shower just seeing him. Colby ruins porn for me despite his screen partners hotness.

    • skye3245

      one thing he brought tho: I just followed Mr Baker on twitter. Deny Colby I’m here for Chris Baker!!!

  • Deviancy Behavir

    That’s the biggest problem I had with Colby’s position, so many people that get all self-righteous and think that by voting for Trump that they were going to burn the system down while making a way for the common folk to rise up are incredibly stupid. People in power don’t want to give up power once they have it, they’re not about to redistribute the wealth so the little people can have more power and they have less. That’s the reason why 8 of the richest people in the world have a combined wealth of the over half of the wealth of the world’s population combined. Think about how much money you’ve had to amiss to get to that point? It’s people like him, Jill Stein, Bernie Sanders, Susan Sarandon that make these lofty proclamations about people rising up and taking back government, when not even 50 percent of the population voted in this election. He’s a world class moron and I deleted all of his scenes the minute he spouted this crap like he was some idiot savant.

    • nick

      Your right, if the common folk did try and rise up, and take any kind of power, they would soon find out why the military gets billions of dollars a day.

      • Pinko of the Grange

        I hope you aren’t right, but then I wake up

    • realitytvIV

      Yep, instead of destroying the system, he furthered empowered the system to rip mothers from their children, terrorize immigrants of color, make muslims fearful, deny women health care, embolden ultra-right, white supremacist politicians and their minions, but it’s ok because he didn’t really mean it! Colby and all Trump supporters can succumb to some terrible plague and leave the rest of us in peace.

  • Maximus
  • badgamer1967
  • SaintMike


  • Tim

    I may not of agreed with his reasoning, but again, if you wanted to blow up the system, that is what you got. And where is Colby registered to vote anyway? Does anyone know if his vote remotely counted or not? Give it up, guys.

    • skye3245

      Well blatantly saying you don’t support a candidate but still voting for them when there were other options actually hurts more than helps. By all accounts this is worse then anything. To be able to reason and say “i don’t support them but i’ll vote for them” an vote by all definitions is a written vow of support. So his words and actions are tantamount to stupidity. To think that he tries to back pedal. I would at least give you something for saying “I voted for Trump and I support Trump”. Stand in your convictions. To state “I’m a communist(which in itself as a gay man is damn crazy to say out loud), I don’t support Trump but he has my vote”. Is ridiculous. It shows that he has no ability to stand in his truth and will pretty much do anything on a whim. At least with ppl who stand in their beliefs have beliefs and strength in whatever they chose. He has none.

      Also, to you point on what we know, before the election he has posted numerous interviews, videos, and blog posts on his own about his voting for Trump. So what we are going b is his word. So should we count him as a communist, connectionless, but also a liar?

      • skye3245

        Also being registered and voting counts…its the basis for the Electoral College. Its why ppl were pissed Hilary beat Bernie when the electoral college pretty much went to him in some places but the college chose to vote against their states

        • Tim

          the electoral college doesn’t vote in primaries, and Clinton, by any fair measure, won the most votes in the primaries. and she had the institutional support of the entire Democratic party, which love it or hate it, is the rules you abide by when you run as a Democrat for President.

          Also, to your point, on every occasion Colby’s line was “i think the guy is a total idiot. he is going to completely blow up our corrupt system. I supported Sanders as an effort to change the Democrats and fight from within. that won’t work now, so I’m voting for Trump hoping he’ll blow the whole place up so we can rebuild.” that synopsis, while foolish, doesn’t amount to support. it has the same effective valience as voting for Gary Johnson or Jill Stein would have had–fuck the system, I’m bucking it and voting for ___. I held my nose and voted for Clinton despite hating her guts. I do not, and never did, support her. All of the other options were worse. Colby looked, from pretty much the same political place as I was, and decided the status quo democrat was worse than the chaos republican. I came to the opposite conclusion.

          In short, it was very easy to not support anyone in this last election (Johnson was an idiot and Stein was as captive to the Russians as Trump is and pretty openly so). people need to get off their high horses.

  • Craig Brown

    I don’t forgive him because he is hot but because shaming Trump voters isn’t likely to switch their vote…and we need them to switch their vote!

    • skye3245

      Thats four years…and the way Trump is going they’d have to be crazy to put him in another 4 years. Currently he’s an embarassment. At the least while all this stuff is going on in the media he could be passing laws, helping the poor, creating jobs…instead just last weekend he was golfing again. Im not working to switch their votes. Trumps doing that. But you are right. I’m not bashing them, i’m just going to look at them crazy out the corner of my eye and let them wallow in their regret

    • planetwingnuttia

      -so what’s gonna switch their votes? being nice? not calling them out?

  • Chpchipp

    you don’t throw your country under the bus like that.
    you work to make what’s good.. adequate… ..better. The chaos theory of change –destructive change — is never attractive. Sadly, lost a lot of agency with me. But, supporting Trump is unforgivable until we are out of this mess. Maybe some strong positive advocacy for all of the people, causes that will be damaged by these years. But, we — gay rights-every right we hold close has been bombed back 50 hell, 100 years. For no reason. What a waste.

    • skye3245

      They will never understand that its about cooperative change not about destructive change. But they should be seeing that with the country i’m sure losing global respect and nothing being done for our ppl on our soil except minorities(both racial, sexual, and gender{i’m a black gay male but i understand the word covers a lot of groups so wanted to include all}) feeling like they now live in a word of fear. It went from 2016 to 1916 in a night

      • Chpchipp

        1916 – and wait for it.. War. War with Iran. War with Korea. War with China. No allies coming to our side. Young guys — and women — who I’d rather naked and making out ..or just having a good time at parties..will be consigned to fight in some hothead’s war with Iran –that is completely unnecessary. No. It matters who you vote for and what you support. There are real consequences.
        I can’t forgive Trump / Stein voters for this. We move forward and fight for those basic values..basic human rights. But. this is a massive set back and it was entirely self-inflicted.
        Smart is sexy. Willful ignorance, not so much. Every day I’m disappointed in those who made that choice to vote Trump or not vote at all.
        So yeah. 1916. A world on the brink in 1914 blew up for fully avoidable reasons. The wrong people were in power. And that’s what we have now. The wrong people with the wrong intentions. Its just the beginning.

  • brock

    I’m sure all the people whose lives have been/will be destroyed by the Trump administration, to say nothing of the permeant damage his presidency will do to the entire structure and integrity of our government, will take a lot of comfort knowing that those who enabled Trump to take away their health care/rights/property/lives didn’t REALLY want that to happen, even though it was the logical extension of any of Trump’s explicitly stated policies, and if those voters would have figured that out had they spent more than five minutes thinking about who to vote for for President. Of course all is forgiven! Let’s just have a good laugh about this.

  • wincrasher

    Colby’s Trump support was a miscalculated strategy to portray himself as an anarchist, an edgy avant-garde radical. Problem is it blew up in his face. There were many who were delusional enough to believe that “shaking everything up” would be some kind of answer to our intractable problems. Well guess what kids? Be careful what you wish for, as we are learning that burning down all our institutions does nothing but make the eventual repairs much, much harder, and expensive. But all that said, who the fuck cares what a porn star or a sex worker thinks about anything? These you look to as pillars of good judgement? Really?

  • Ninja0980

    You voted for him so you support him and all the folks he has put into power who are waging war on the LGBT community in any way they can.
    This POS should be blackballed from the industry and so should any site gay or straight that gives him work.

  • WhimsyCotton

    I can’t even even be biased and defend his bullshit because I’ve never been attracted to him or his work. So, in short, no.

  • Woohooboy

    I’m not sure what’s worse. Voting for someone you don’t believe in (Trump) to spite the current system.

    Or believing in a form of government that doesn’t work (Communism).

    Either way you messed up. Trump and his cohorts have done nothing right in the six months since taking office with one eye rolling incident after another.

    And Colby if you really think Communism is the answer, then take a trip to either Cuba or North Korea and see how things are working out over there. HINT: Not so good……….


    As smart, edgy and interesting as he’s supposed to be Colby made the BASIC mistake of “shitting where he eats” I only know what I read about him on here and a few other sites, but I’m guessing he’s sort of a fringe-freelance independent type who could possibly be subsisting on a few programs that will be on the chopping block under 45’s watch. It’s as simple as this–“You voted for him, you supported him”. I don’t necessarily hate or like Colby, but I definitely won’t buy deal with any studios that are still hiring him. There has to be some accountability. You don’t get to continue to seek work and support in an industry you know this administration will try to destroy.

  • planetwingnuttia

    um…can we have more categories than these cause I want to say No. but not because trump’s ruined my life.

  • You never know

    I was a huge fan, but no longer. Stupid just isn’t attractive. Thanks Colby but I’ll give Jimmy Clay my wanks from now on.

  • planetwingnuttia

    speaking of his new project…yeah girl you’re gonna have to go to work to make that money. you’ll get some “communist love” from people who will sponsor it..but not enough people after this.

  • cris levin

    Thisbis the same type of thinking as susan sarandon “im rich, i have my glorious principles, i will vote against hrc just to show i can, i dont give a damn about those who are less previllaged and who are about to suffer”.

    F off already.

  • scorpio

    Claiming that what he does is art, that he’s a communist and his reasoning for voting for Trump is all ridiculous but that’s the point: it makes headlines. By porn standards he’s old so I’d say he’s quite smart at staying relevant, for years he’s managed to be talked about in every LGBT related website, not just those about porn. Studios feel they’re hiring a celebrity

  • Anonymous

    Oh, Keller is a real artist. He has an MFA, knows and has the support of Bill Arning, the director of The Contemporary Arts Museum Houston, and a sizable contingent of the gay art world. What he does not enjoy, at least according to his website and a quick Google search, is critical support. This doesn’t particularly surprise me. Performance art (which is what “Colby Does America” is) has pretty much run it’s course. Keller’s project does nothing to advance the medium. There is nothing about the project that is unique except that it’s Keller doing the fucking in every scene instead of some other random porn performer. There’s even a film from 2003 called “Barebacking Across America.” So he’s a derivative, boring artist, an inarticulate politician, and, to his credit, a talented fuck. Maybe he should stick to what he’s good at and stop talking so much.

  • Dot Beech

    Mr. Keller can keep his clothes on from now on, as far as I’m concerned. The Trump association (which he willfully created for himself) is the ultimate boner killer.

    Time to get a job, kid.

  • johnn

    the was on medicade, taking food stamps too…he seems to like to play both ways..and you get this feeling about him thats hes too good to get a job outside what he would refer to as his art world

    • Anonymous

      With an MFA and his contacts he could easily get a teaching position somewhere. In academia his porn career is to his benefit. Obviously, he chooses not to. Maybe, that’s his apres-porn plan.

      • hyperkind

        “With an MFA and his contacts he could easily get a teaching position somewhere.” – Uh…have you *actually* checked the humanities lately? The job prospects in them, for a full time instructor, are pretty damn bleak. An MFA might be a terminal degree, but the Pac NW has a pretty heft share of MFAs who work at Starbucks (no joke, no hyperbole, and no lie).

        ” In academia his porn career is to his benefit. ” – Are you KIDDING? He might seem avant garde, and the fact is that he might snag an adjunct position because of his notoriety, but under no circumstance would a porn actor have any type of “in” in terms of a tenure track position. Academia may seem ridiculously liberal, but its policies and practices are ancient, arcane, and horribly conservative.

        Let’s face it – he got his MFA at MICA in Baltimore, one of the finer art schools in the country, and there was no, as in zero way he was getting a teaching position there.

        • Anonymous

          He’s got great contacts. If Bill Arning made the call, Colby Keller would have a job somewhere. Maybe not tenure track but I know a lot of folks who are doing just fine without tenure.

  • Pinko of the Grange

    Where is I was never mad at him and didn’t vote for trump?

    Come on this is ridiculous SJW shit.

    He is an idiot with a bully pulpit that isn’t that big even inside the sub set called: People that Watch Fairly Vanilla Gay Porn.
    But he is also a Citizen and entitled to his vote. To deride someone for that is a waste of time and only builds a wall stronger for “them” to push back against.

  • TheThom

    He could vote for a bowl of pudding for all I care. I don’t drop loads to his vids because of his political views. I drop loads to his vids because he’s hot, he’s furry, he’s hung, and he fucks like a goddamn stallion.

  • emercycrite

    Mmmm gimme some Chris Baker

  • Cosmic

    Colby…Just go away.

  • Wickbaby

    As hot as he may be, there really is no excuse for willful ignorance to how obviously unqualified The Orange Menace is. Fuck you Colby Keller..and not with my dick.

  • Paul J

    No self respecting Communist would ever vote for Trump. It seems Colby doesn’t understand that either.

  • pennessee
  • PaulieP

    F’off Keller. You knowing voted for a dictator..

  • jacob221

    i don’t support the rapist

    i just voted no for his conviction

  • peter

    Colby needs to find a razor. I forget what his face looks like

  • Josh in OR

    I know a lot of communists – hell, I am one, basically, myself – and not one of them (us) cast our vote for Trump, because we KNEW what he would be like as a President, and we knew that voting for a man like Trump would be worse than throwig away our vote or writing in who we actually wanted. We, as thinking adults, were among the millions who held our noses and voted for Hillary.

    Why, when she is an awful candidate and a shill for Wall Street and emailsBenghaziKILLARY!!!!!111ONEONE?

    Because for all of her flaws – and they are many – she is/was a tough lady and good at politics and maintaining relationships with foreign nations (Except maybe Putin, but y’know…fuck that shithead right in his beady little eyes). And as much as the status quo under Obama served the oligarchs more than the people, at least there were SOME attempts made to ease the working person’s burden, as opposed to the current attempts to take away what little gains HAVE been made, since Reagan destroyed the unions. AND it would be manifestly better for us to still be coasting on even a modicum of goodwill internationally than be the laughingstock we are now.

    Colby, you helped a petulant little manbaby take office, and you aided and abetted in the takeover of our government by Wall Street and Apocalyptic Christendom. You need to own it.

  • Hari Kalyan

    This was taken from a live Q&A session and it edited out much of what Colby said about his vote. I wonder why. There’s also a disclaimer on the video about CK’s views. Did this Baker guy even know about Colby’s views before inviting him on his show? Also it was annoying how he tried to speak for Colby before letting him answer the Trump question. Anyway, yeah… Colby is dead to me. CK and Men need to stop hiring him already.

  • FrenchBug

    Colby Keller: I only voted for Trumo because both parties are just as bad as each other. I hope the gays will forgive me.

    Trump: Oh yeah? Watch this!
    *bans transsexuals from the military”

    Life comes at you fast, doesn’t it? Asshole.

  • CBW

    He’s a fucking idiot.

  • Evan Karls

    I was never mad at him to begin with, as I also voted for Trump. (sipping the truth)

    • Galaxy_Scribe

      How appropriate you used a gif of someone who frequently makes her situations worse through poor decision making