Colby Keller, Jimmy Fanz, Gabriel Clark, And Paddy O’Brian Read “Mean Tweets” About Themselves

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jimmy fanzCelebrities often go on Jimmy Kimmel to read mean tweets about themselves, and now has wrangled up several high profile gay porn stars to do the same thing. The tweets aren’t too mean (I’ve read comments on this site that would make these tweets sound like compliments), which tells me that went out of their way to avoid the super harsh stuff posted online.

I think you’ll agree that Jimmy Fanz and Paddy O’Brian’s readings are the best:


I’m so flattered that decided to pass off one of my blog entries as a tweet!

Screen Shot 2014-08-21 at 3.23.58 PM


Glad I could help, but next time they might want to credit me



  • sxg

    I wonder if Jimmy Kimmel can sue for likeness. Someone send this video to their legal offices STAT!!!

  • ltlantnee

    not the most flattering pic of Paddy. Why does Men do that? Weren’t they part of the fupa revenge a few months back?

    • Colorful Kent

      fupa? Mendotcom doesn’t care about anything but making money off of gays for straight pockets. The owners are straight, the directors are straight, and most of performers are straight. The gay guys in this video are the rare exceptions.

  • michael

    I love Dato and that he can’t understand more than half then of what is said to him just makes me love him more. And, what the hell is wrong with being a cum dumpster? Some people are so judgmental.

  • burrlaburr

    I don’t care what anyone says; I love me some Paddy O’Brien!

  • Dazzer

    I don’t know why so many Americans seem to have a problem with Paddy O’Brian’s accent – to me, it’s a perfectly clear east London voice. And to my ear, it’s pretty damn sexy. Also, he’s funny – he doesn’t take anything too seriously – including himself and porn.

    I was going to nominate him in Zach;s cybersocket list, but then I thought ‘Why bother?’, Americans bloggers and critics are never going to get him (or Paul Walker) because they just don’t get those lads’ sense of fun see every other performer when it comes to sex.

    But it was lovely to see him respond to mean tweets – just as it was to see everyone else – because it was great to see everyone put social media in its place.

    • sxg

      It’s not a matter of being against British pornstars, it’s that Paddy’s accent sounds like one from a really uneducated one. It would be the same thing here for American pornstars.

      Besides there are plenty of British pornstars that many Americans have loved so much, Scott Hunter, Harley Everett, Justin King, Dean Monroe, Rocco Banks, and Ross Hurston being a few of them.

    • JJ24

      SXG is right, he sounds uneducated and some other uneducated people mistake that as part of his accent.

  • n24rc

    I think Paddy’s reaction to being called out as gay is totally offensive. His reaction is suggesting that he would rather be known as a straight guy getting paid for gay sex, instead as a gay man. Almost as if that gay men were beneath him. Totally turned off by this guy now.

  • DeanD

    Too funny and too mean! Since I didn’t know Paddy was only 28, that tweet/reaction was the funniest. And who doesn’t like the occasional jungle butt?

  • pje821

    I really enjoyed that, unlike most of’s videos.

  • Odetofear

    Without Dato, it could have been better. Also, reading one tweet was enough.

  • James Johnson III

    Watching him respond to his tweets and the adorable giggling just made me love Jimmy Fanz all the more! Congrats MEN.Com, you have made an even bigger Fanz fan out of me!

    • sxg

      seriously Jimmy really is one of the most adorable pornstars out there right now. His BTS stuff at RB I love watching.

  • yaoirabbit

    Those are the best they had? Guess I was expecting more since they didn’t seem all that mean.

    • sxg

      Yea there are far meaner and more hilarious tweets than these. And it would have been better without Dato and with more pornstars.

  • sxg

    You can google search most of these and find out that most of them don’t even come from twitter. I know it was pretty obvious from the length of them. I remember seeing the one about Colby being an attention whore, almost thought that I had written it myself lol. But it came from another porn blog.

  • NG212

    Dato: “I don’t have to say anything. I’m beautiful.”

    Loved that. And interesting Gabriel Clark didn’t get that they were talking about his teeth inside his mouth, not his voice.

    I kinda liked Tom Faulk more after seeing this. Is he G4P?

    And I like Colby. Is he pretentious sometimes? Of course. But I live and went to college in New York. Most people I know are pretentious — including me when I’m not on a porn blog. Anyway, Colby’s a real guy, he’s smart, he’s sexy and sex-positive. I don’t see what’s not to like.

    • JJ24

      I don’t think Tom has said his sexuality but has said he prefers to bottom in his personal life.

      • NG212

        Hmm. Very interesting. Thank you.

  • Bee

    Gabriel Clark is holding that phone like a technologically challenged grandparent….

  • John Henry

    you can tell Datos got by his whole life on his looks alone. gonna be a tramatic experience one day.

  • JJ24

    I guess men screened the “mean” comments before giving them to them.

  • JJ24

    I love Dirk and he can be my school teacher anytime

  • ă…¤Liam Riley

    omg haha the whole concept is super funny though, love paddy o’brian to be honest :)

  • Cosmic

    Those were the meanest they could come up with? I want to see Conner Habib do this but I doubt his ego would stand the