Colt Rivers Explains Motivation For Everything Dakota Wolfe Does

Posted October 13, 2014 by with 19 comments


Yesterday on Twitter (of course), controversial bottom Dakota Wolfe made a point to let everyone know how much he enjoyed running into bareback gay porn star Vadim Black at Atlanta’s gay pride event (see tweet above). If Vadim “I Promice I’ll Kill You” Black being at gay pride after calling people “bitchy gay queens” and expressing how much he “hates fags” last week seems a little odd, get over it! As Dakota Wolfe explained to Colt Rivers and Str8UpGayPorn, Vadim is a “cool dude” who was just “upset.” (Luckily, Vadim wasn’t upset enough to follow through with his alleged plan to murder his Twitter followers with a semi-automatic assault rifle.)



To which Colt Rivers responed with possibly the most accurate and succinct explanation of Dakota Wolfe there ever was:

dakotacolt3The End.

(P.S.: Dakota Wolfe was still defending Vadim Black to random people on Twitter late last night.)



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