Conner Habib Drags Colby Keller For Being A Fake Leftist And Supporting Ethnic Cleansing

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colby-connerI’ve been covering gay porn star feuds for the better part of seven years, and this could be the most highly anticipated one yet, IMHO. Last night on Twitter, Conner Habib called out Colby Keller for being a fake leftist who supports Israel and the murder of Palestinians:

connercolbyThose photos that Conner Habib included in his tweet are of Colby Keller during his recent trip to Israel. During that trip, Keller seemed to suggest his support of Israel, a country which most leftists condemn for its violent and horrific treatment of Palestinians, as well as its overall anti-Arab stance.

Colby Keller and Conner Habib did perform in one memorable scene together several years ago, along with Girth Brooks. The scene, from Falcon/Mustang’s Laid Off, famously ends with Keller shooting an enormous load on Habib’s face.

tumblr_lrjiwfpgmf1r0ge8bo1_400conner-habib-girth-brooks-colby-keller-1tumblr_nms414oexc1smuxyfo1_500Colby Keller has not responded to Conner Habib’s tweet, but it’s not clear if he even saw it, given that Habib didn’t tag him in it. Keller faced strong criticism last month after telling fans that he’d be voting for now President-elect Donald Trump.

  • LiberalButNotSheep

    How many Americans visited Israel last year? BTW there are far-left factions who support the state of Israel just to make themselves distinct among the pro-Palestinian left. Personally, I don’t think you have to be a looney right Zionist to feel Israelis have the right to live somewhere safely.

    • Mike Julius

      How about the right of Palestinians to live in their homeland safely? Do they matter? Not as much as Israel’s right to expand, I take it.

      • sanfv

        Anyone who uses “not sheep” in any discourse of their life has read to much breitbart and is masquerading as a progressive Jill Stein voter. I think homegirl posting is a queer alt-right Queen that doesn’t know it.

        • gaycockluvr

          I really can’t tell the difference between the far left and alt-right these days. I do know that both groups don’t give a shit about anyone besides themselves and LOVE harassing people on social media.

          • sanfv

            Connor and I were part of the same workshop group at one point before our careers took off. I was younger and had a lot of ambition and worked my ass off to get a tenure track position in writing while Connor didn’t really work on anything of substance other than opinionated pieces where an essay was 78% him being mad at something without any substance.

            The harrasement issue has been an ongoing thing even before social media and porn. He always has an odd duck of sorts, always applauding himself for any and everything. I think he took one biology class in grad school and now goes out of his way to say that he “studied” science. I’m like bitch, I took an art class for an elective but my ass don’t call itself a painter.

          • gaycockluvr

            I am so late on this response! This is amazing: Connor didn’t really work on anything of substance other than opinionated pieces where an essay was 78% him being mad at something
            without any substance. That sounds about right. He seems to be the type that gets off on people quoting his tweets and saying “READ THIS THREAD!!!!”. I have enjoyed reading the far left Twitters lately though. Last week it was “Hillary is more dangerous than Donald” and now it seems like their tunes have changed.

      • kireb

        there is no safe place in the middle east.

  • Luca

    Israel is now a far-right country (no specific judgement, just the facts from the composition of the various Netahnyahu governments and of the Knesset), where racial minorities (I’m speaking about blacks here, not Palestinians which is a completely different issue) are very mistreated.

    I don’t know why Conner speaks of “neo-liberal” seems to me a meaningless catchphrase in this context, but if Keller supports Trump and Israel it does support a specific kind of supremacism (racial, religious)

    • Tim

      neo-liberal is a very specific political term that refers pretty much to the Thatcher-Reagan-Bush view of the world. that is why, I think.

      • Luca

        neo-liberal is more economic than political though (this is why I think here Connor uses the word uncorrectly).

    • kevin

      Yeah, ‘neo-liberal’ is an economic phrase coined by economist trying to rescue free-market capitalism in the wake of the Great Depression. NAFTA, for example, is a neo-liberal idea.

      I think what Connor really means is ‘neo-cons’, i.e. former leftists (mostly Jewish), who switched sides over support for Israel. People like Norman Podhoretz and Richard Pearl.

      • Luca

        you are generous :)
        I had somehow the impression that he wanted to call Colby names and he just used neoliberal because it’s suggestive and a standard (and rather cliché) accusation from a committed leftist, without really thinking about its meaning…

      • n24rc

        It’s like madlibs, you fill in the passages what Conner doesn’t know or say. You want the d.

    • Maximus

      Netahnyahu is certainly a yahoo, but it is possible to both support Israel’s right to exist and disapprove of some of its policies.

      • kevin

        Sometime prior to recorded history a delusional old man said was granted title to a patch of desert in perpetuity by an intractable sky-god in exchange for demonstrating his willingness to kill his offspring on command.

      • Luca

        that goes without saying (unfortunately it’s uncommon, many people tend to have a monolithic attitude towards Israel)

        • Maximus

          It’s fueled by anti-Semitism. A lot of people are happy to use any objectionable act as justification to condemn Irsrael as a whole.

          • Luca

            I don’t agree with that. Antisemitism has nothing to do with how many people feel about Israel. I know many people who are against Israel and its politics (usually against Palestinians who are perceived as the weak side of the Israel-Palestine duo and victims of Israel’s coercion) – this is usually from the left – and they absolutely do NOT care at all which religion they are.
            Maybe it’s an European thing and in US the debate is more religious-driven.

  • LiberalButNotSheep

    Israel may be condemned by the left “for its violent and horrific treatment of Palestinians, as well as its overall anti-Arab stance” but they should also bear in mind that Israel has one of the more progressive stances on LGBT rights in the world and certainly within the region. LGBT Palestinians have repeatedly called for this to not be swept under the carpet as campaigns for Palestinian self-determination make progress.

    • Mike Julius

      And LGBT Palestinians haven’t been exploited by the Israeli military and sent to certain death when they’re done?

      • LiberalButNotSheep

        Lets just hope they’ll be treated a lot better by the Palestinians but I am not that optimistic

        • Mike Julius

          They won’t. That’s the point. People have sought asylum, been exploited and then turned away instead. It’s worse because you pretend to be better, but you’re definitely not if you can do that.

          • kireb

            so you want the Palestinians to live in their homeland safely, while being able to seek refuge from their own people in Israel? Oo
            the solution to all that Israel/Palestine crap is 2 separate countries. but it wont save the Palestinians from themselves.

          • Mike Julius

            You’re right, but don’t pretend they’re some pristine, principled nation when they are not.

  • Estelle

    When narcissistic blowhards attack. Maybe Colby voted for Trump because like Trump, he was able to get out of financial responsibility by filing for bankruptcy a few years ago. #chapter7

  • Igloo Australia

    How does Miss Habib justify her existence in “the United States of America” honestly? Do they hear themselve what they sound like?

  • realitytvIV

    Where’s the revolution that Colby Keller was so sure would occur after Trump was elected? Oh yeah, that’s not happening. And it won’t happen in congress since it’s now completely red and Republicans control every branch of government. At least Keller can sleep easily since he won’t be affected by Trump’s presidency.

    He voted for an unlikely revolution at the expense of people of color, women, immigrants, LGBT people.etc

    Sad, sad, pathetic white man.

    • Evan Karls
      • BlkGaymer



        • Evan Karls

          Hillary calling the majority of Americans xenophobes, homophobes, Islamophobes, sexist, racist….. no wonder she lost

          • BlkGaymer

            That’s what happens when you call people out on their bullshit…they get mad. Unfortunately in this situation, those same people voted for a xenophobic, homophobic, Islamaphobic, sexist, racist for President…no wonder he won.

          • Evan Karls

            I am blown away at all of you guys supporting this bitch… she’s the definition of corruption and incompetence

          • SoDisqusted

            The majority? When did that happen?

    • Dale Bergman

      The next four years are going to be horrific for women and the LGBT community. Mike Pence will lead Donald Trump’s transition:

      A reminder of his policies:

      1. Supporting a constitutional amendment to ban marriage equality

      In 2006, then-Rep. Pence told 100 of his fellow Republicans that he supported a constitutional amendment to ban same-sex weddings. Or as Pence put it, supported “God’s plan” in the face of the destruction of civilization. “Societal collapse was always brought about following an advent of the deterioration of marriage and family,” Pence complained.

      2. Signed a bill to jail same-sex couples for applying for a marriage license

      In an effort to make a bad idea even worse, as governor Pence signed a bill in 2013 that would jail same-sex couples in Indiana who applied for a marriage license. To prove that he wasn’t singling gay people out, Pence was also willing to jail marriage clerks who supplied a license or clergy who performed the wedding.

      3. Wanted to divert funding from HIV prevention to conversion therapy

      This one’s a two-fer: as a Congressional candidate in 2000, Pence wrapped two awful ideas into a single dreadful proposal. He wanted to ensure that “federal dollars were no longer being given to organizations that celebrate and encourage the types of behaviors that facilitate the spreading of the HIV virus.” So where should the money go? “Resources should be directed toward those institutions which provide assistance to those seeking to change their sexual behavior.” In other words, conversion therapy.

      4. Opposed repeal of Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell

      Longing for the good old days of complete invisibility for gay people, Pence predictably ignored the preponderance of evidence in support of repealing Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell. Instead, Pence put himself out there as a leading opponent of the policy change. “There’s no question to mainstream homosexuality within active duty military would have an impact on unit cohesion,” Pence argued, dismissing the repeal as “some liberal domestic social agenda.”

      5. Complained about the passage of the Matthew Shepard Hate Crimes bill

      In Pence’s ideal world, there would be zero protections. So it’s no surprise that he groused when the Matthew Shepard and James Byrd Jr. Hate Crimes bill was signed into law in 2009. Pence didn’t cite legal objections. Instead, he complained that it advanced a “radical social agenda” and would have “a chilling effect on religious expression, from the pulpits, in our temples, in our mosques and in our churches.”

      6. Served on the board of an antigay group

      Pence has had a close relationship with the antigay leadership in his state. He served on the board of the Indiana Family Institute, an affiliate of Focus on the Family, which has been in the forefront of attacks on LGBT rights in the state, including a state constitutional amendment banning marriage equality. Thanks to its connections to Pence and other Republicans, IFI has been the recipient of funding for the state’s “Health Marriage” program. The former head of IFI has served as an aide to Pence both in Congress and the state house and as a campaign consultant.

      7. Argued that passing ENDA would ban Bibles from the workplace

      Of course, in Congress Pence voted against federal workplace protections. What was unique was his reasoning, which was that ENDA would discriminate against Christians. To comply with the law, Pence claimed, “the employer has to ban employees from having a Bible at the workplace for their break time, or displaying Bible verses.” Foreshadowing the Indiana religious liberty law, he went on: “We must stand for the right of every American to practice their faith according to the dictates of their conscience, whether it be in the public square or in the workplace.”

      I see evil when I look at him:

  • Tim

    There are some people who simply, for some good reasons and some bad ones, despise Hillary Clinton. I certainly don’t agree, but I’ve served in middling levels in the Democratic Party in a red state, so I guess you’d call me a junior member of the “establishment” he didn’t like, even if I supported Bernie as well.

    The thing Mr. Habib gets right is also the thing he gets wrong. anyone who reflexively supports either Palestine or Israel is an idiot and blind to the history of problems for the other side. Neither side’s actions can be excused, but both need to be understood. The Jews had 2000 years of hell followed by a Holocaust. that a decent number of them are now, de facto, taking part in another is horrendous, but we all just saw what fear can do.

  • Andrew Simpson

    Israel is a racist country the west ignores how they treat Ethiopian Jews. I read stories about black women and forced sterelization. Feminist groups have condemned Israel too. Alice Walker famously criticized Israel a few years ago.

    • Adrian Sanderson

      It’s simply not true. Some of the Ethiopian Jews integrated very well in Israel, one of them a (was) a minister. Israel have 120 nationalities, but like all countries with mixed populations (USA anyone?) it has some parts of it that feel left out. If you live in such a mixed country you have to work harder to succeed. That’s why Israel is the most successful little country in the world. That’s why their technology in many areas – such as agriculture, water, solar and much more – is world renowned. That’s why they win more Nobel Awards more than any country in the world (12 only the last 15 years) relative to their size. I was in Israel many times, and every time the experience was amazing. AMAZING. I would have lived there if I could. Brilliant country.

  • Tom

    he’s just an anti semite. Israel is one of the best countries in the world, it’s people are spectacular, culture vastly superior to the generally anti-gay and anti-woman broader middle east. Where would Habibi rather make gay fuck flicks: Tel Aviv or Riyadh?

  • gnormie

    I will always be on Israel’s side….

  • 76disqus

    I am so sick and tired of the Middle East. I don’t know why the Israeli-Palestinian conflict has become the West’s conflict. Those two people just wanna kill each other and I for one just wish they would both go away and leave the rest of the world alone. If they cannot live in peace together then they should both die together, but do not make it my problem.

    • moondoggy

      I don’t know that I agree, but if you had a newsletter, I would subscribe.

    • McM.

      The region is rich in resources the West needs. Political manipulation of who controls those resources ensures the West has continued access.

      • Maximus

        Not anymore. Between domestic oil production and alternative fuel sources, we have everything that we need to become energy independent. There is no good reason to be meddling in the Middle East or Africa these days.

    • NIFP

      My father thinks they should all be given nuclear weapons that can only be fired at each other. Granted, the man has no understanding of what even a limited nuclear exchange would mean for the environment. Or the fact that it is widely believed Israel already HAS nuclear weapons. 😉

  • Scrapple

    It’s Conner Habib. Conner trying to drag anyone for misrepresentation and phoniness is as effective as Cyclops using his optic beams on Havok.

    • NotAnLMD

      I see what you did there, you nerd =)

    • McM.

      Never understood why those two were immune to one another’s abilities….

      • Marik Ishtar

        Supposedly because they get their powers from the same source. And because their bodies are host they are immune to the same effect.
        Basically it’s like someone with lightning powers being hit by lightning.

        • McM.

          Other mutants with electricity manipulation can mildly annoy Storm, but that’s b/c she can also control the very thing being directed at her.

          Cyclops’ power has a connection to solar energy, and he uses it to create a concussive force. Havok absorbs ambient cosmic energy, and he turns it into plasma. Even if their powers have the same ‘source’, were they to fight Havok would still have to deal with the force of a high velocity mack truck, and Cyclops would have to deal with energy hot enough to sear the flesh from his bones. (Not to mention, Vulcan can jack them both up in spite of having the same source for his powers and also being their sibling.)

          I personally chalk it up to writers getting tired of storylines where they are pitted against each other.

          • Marik Ishtar

            Yea, gotta admit that I haven’t been reading the comics. Figures they would up the science behind it like did with every super hero.
            Never really cared for it though. Superman can fly, I don’t question it. It is just something he can do. I think it mostly comes from a lot of writers having a passion for sci-fi as well as a push for realism (I’m an escapist).
            The only time it annoys me is when they write all-intelligent creatures like brainiac because they always get defeated so stupidly. Although, Marvel does do Ultron justice from time to time. Whoops I’m rambling. Thanks for explaining it in more detail.

          • Scrapple

            My understanding is it has to do with their energy absorption abilities. They can metabolize the energy the other directs at them. On at least one occasion Havok has been able to charge Scott’s powers. It gets a little tricky with Vulcan, because he’s stronger, and there was some Shi’ar manipulation along the way, as well as the “temporary” bonding with Darwin and the influence of M-Day. If I’m remembering correctly, Vulcan is only immune to the powers of Scott, not Alex.

        • Scrapple

          Which is why the Daisy thing on AoS this season doesn’t make sense.

  • Pertinax

    For one that doesn’t have a regular job and makes money by fucking on video, was evicted of his home due to the rise on its rental, as an ‘ artist ‘ used a Go Fund Me campaign to conclude his master peace : ” Colby Does America “, see his mother once a year because he claims doesn’t afford the necessary to do it more times and defined himself as ” dirty poor ” …He travels a lot !

  • WyattTF

    First, this isn’t a dragging. A dragging needs to be good, deserved, and kinda funny. This is a pathetic attempt at a call out that’s illogical and a desperate attempt at starting drama. FFS going to Israel is by no means a wholehearted endorsement of everthing that country does. I was fortunate enough to spend 2 weeks in China last year. I posted pictures of my trip on social media. Can some silly bitch attempt to “drag” me for supporting China’s horrific record on free speech and human rights? Conner needs to STFU on this one.

  • Marik Ishtar

    I know as much about the Middle East as Sara Palin, so I can’t really say too much about what’s going on here. I will say this:

    -Connor Habib is always injecting himself into every conversation. Yes, it’s okay to have an opinion but you don’t need to speak on everything. Why is he even being talked about anyway? Did he not retire? Did he not become so uncomfortable with his own body he refused to take off his shirt in his final scenes? Is he still selling pseudo-intellectual audiobooks to the remainder of his fans? You know what, nevermind, I don’t care.

    -Colby Keller is a narcissist. We know this. He has been told all his adult life how handsome and smart he is and it’s embedded in his being now. He stopped growing because did not need to anymore- Hell, when the man needed money it was given to him. You can’t burst his bubble because he has surrounded himself with people that will mask his insecurities. There is a reason he declined any interview after he supported Trump. What you see [isn’t always the truth] is a man who is afraid of what the future holds for him, because he is very much aware that the moment he can no longer sell his body he is worthless. Colby fucks away his depression is just that- a video catalog of what he will leave behind. He does not care about change or politics. He saw a way to hurt people to fill the emptiness around him and took it. Let him hide for another month before popping back up with a ‘Please love me again’ ploy. He knows who pays his rent and he’ll be a good (and silent) whore from now on.

    Anyway, I will leave both Connor ‘eat away loneliness’ Habib and Colby ‘self-medicated/midlife crisis’ Keller with this timeless advice.

    “If you can’t love yourself how in the HELL you gonna love somebody else, can I get an ‘amen’?”- RuPaul

  • a b

    Going to Israel makes him an ethnic cleansing supporter?

  • Raspberry Fruitcake

    Colby Keller: hot as fuck and a great performer, pretentious as shit and just fundamentally stupid. Such a poser. Fuck his ‘leftist’ rhetoric.

  • Adrian Sanderson

    Yep. Another stupid muslim who knows nothing. What’s new, and why is it a headline?


    I use 2 be a BIG FAN of Kolby until his Trump revelations he already had half the gay porn fan base hating him and by voting for FUCK FACE Trump he just pissed off the other half

  • Joleil Ashwind

    Queen Keller could come back from this is if he tailspun on Godzilla’s dick on the surface of Jupiter.

  • kevin

    The answer to Colby Keller is simple: stop buying his porn!

    So sick of all these beardos!

  • Anthony Hyde

    An Arab Muslim talking about Ethnic cleansing? Fucking rich.

  • Anthony Hyde
    • Binary Busting Boo Boo Kitty

      Go fuck yourself.

  • n24rc

    Can you all stop talking about the administration, and what YOU all think will happen?

    Generally, the modern US gov’t is a complex military/intelligence-corporate hybrid. Someone in the Pentagon and Intelligence communities will “debrief” the administration appointees(comically, whoever they can convince to join) who will tow the line in suit with them. NATO, Nuclear agreements, military bases, etc…will be upheld.

    We all know policy and campaign promises from both parties are continuously broken. Remember Obama’s Gitmo promise? It’s still open!

    Presidents will never be able to successfully rebuke or change major things because their hands are tied in a multitude of ways that no average citizen can fathom or concern themselves with. The only big thing is SCOTUS appointments, who would remain the same until RBJ dies – if that occurs under Trump, then that would be an actual problem.

    Futhermore, Trump will retire/resign or he will be impeached by the establishment repubs in congress if he doesn’t step in line over the next two years – right before midterm elections. That leaves Pence, who in his own state, left office in with low poll numbers AFTER a republican predecessor left the state in shambles. Pence is a rube, and will get a bill of goods from Trump, ironically who will inherit some of the legacy of the Obama admin’s policies that will keep the country from crumbling outright.

    Someone, put their finger on the scale, and tipped it this election because a.) scotus appointees and b.) the natural progressiveness of upcoming generations.

    Regardless, this election cycle is tantamount of a death rattle for the two party system we once knew. The left is growing the right is shrinking, and if it means in the next ten years the 18-25 year olds who are naive will have to be ready to play ball whom ever the parties choose and stick with moderate candidates rather than loser third parties.

    Colby and Habib are annoying “know-it-all” assholes who pretty much give liberals a bad name. They aren’t clued in on anything, they are failures in their respective academic/artistic community. Don’t care about them…too much is going on that is of more importance than two gay whores with nothing to do by sit on the sidelines as pariahs and muse every thought that comes into their head to some horny gays that will listen to them. Not interesting enough to suit my worry.

    • NIFP

      Interesting take; lots to ponder. However, I would like to point out that Obama couldn’t keep his Gitmo promise because Congress wouldn’t let him (even, I think, for that brief period when the Dems held both houses, which says a lot more about the Dems in Congress than Obama).

  • NIFP

    Please help end my ignorance. What’s the difference between dragging and trolling.

    • Zachary Sire

      Dragging is obviously calling someone out, and reading them for filth.

      Trolling is less obvious and more clever. Definition via Urban Dictionary: Trolling does not mean just making rude remarks: Shouting swear words at someone doesn’t count as trolling; it’s just flaming, and isn’t funny. Spam isn’t trolling either; it pisses people off, but it’s lame. The most essential part of trolling is convincing your victim that either a) truly believe in what you are saying, no matter how outrageous, or b) give your victim malicious instructions, under the guise of help. Trolling requires decieving; any trolling that doesn’t involve decieving someone isn’t trolling at all; it’s just stupid. As such, your victim must not know that you are trolling; if he does, you are an unsuccessful troll.

      • NIFP

        Thanks, Zach!

  • Gil Franco

    Habib supports the Arab supremacist notion that there can be dozens or Arab states and not one Jewish, Kurdish, Berber or Assyrian one; the refusal of the Palestinians to accept independence in 1937, 1947-1948, and twice in the 1990s; second class status of Jews and other minorities in the Middle East; the ethnic cleansing of Jews and other non-Arab in virtually every Arab state, on-going violence against Jews and other minorities by Arabs since well before Israel was established: knifing them, bombing their buses, schools, restaurants, shooting rockets at them, stoning their cars on highway, kidnapping their children, raping their wives and daughters. I don’t really see his political virtues vs. Keller.