Controversy Erupts Over Gaping Anus-Shaped AIDS Memorial Sculpture In Palm Springs

Posted September 20, 2023 by with 15 comments

This is a proposed sculpture in Palm Springs, home of the gays and the grays, but does it look too much like an anus to be taken seriously? Background on the 9-foot tall AIDS memorial sculpture via Publica:

It was created by artist Phillip K. Smith III and gifted to the city and people of Palm Springs and the Coachella Valley.

“The sculpture will have maximum impact in the Downtown Park by adding great beauty and providing the opportunity for reflection and remembrance. An HIV educational component, including prevention, diagnosis and treatment options is also being planned.”

Maximum impact

The gaping asshole has made the local news in Palm Springs, but at KESQ, they apparently can’t say the word “anus.” Instead, it’s an “inappropriate body part on the rear end”:

The queen doing this report looks like he’s seen his way around an “inappropriate body part on the rear end”! In all seriousness, I do agree with the people he interviewed, and the proposed memorial is now too much of a joke to be erected in public. The proposed sculpture is being redesigned, perhaps to resemble an ejaculating penis?

Palm Springs is of course no stranger to ass-oriented controversies. A couple years ago in the same downtown area as the proposed AIDS memorial anus, a gigantic statue serving as a tribute to Marilyn Monroe got #MeToo’d because her bloomers and back side were showing. The “Forever Marilyn” statue is a replica of one of the most famous scenes in American cinema history, and despite the drama, it wasn’t removed. The story from 2021:

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