Could Jarec Wentworth Be Set Free Next Month? Read His Defense Team’s Motion For Acquittal

Posted July 28, 2015 by with 50 comments


It’s a long shot, but Jarec Wentworth’s lawyers have just filed their motion for judgment of acquittal. Earlier this month, a jury convicted Wentworth on six felony counts stemming from his extortion of Republican multimillionaire and admitted criminal Donald Burns. Now, Wentworth’s lawyers want the court to reconsider their argument that Donald Burns was not genuinely concerned about his reputation, and they’ve asked for a judgment of acquittal on counts 1, 2, and 5. (Those are the three extortion counts, which carry the heaviest sentences; Wentworth would, presumably, remain convicted on the other three counts.)

Here’s the motion, which, if nothing else, is a fun read that provides a comprehensive recap/summary of the defense’s strategy at trial. The court is expected to rule on the motion on August 21st.