Country Star Zach Bryan Arrested, Mug Shot And Dash Cam Footage Released

Posted September 9, 2023 by with 13 comments

#1 song and #1 album, and now a mug shot. It’s the modern American celebrity trifecta. Country music star Zach Bryan was arrested earlier this week on an obstruction charge for pestering an officer who was giving Bryan’s security guard a speeding ticket, and while I’ve been loving his new music and him (he’s pretty cute in the mug shot), he unfortunately comes off as kind of a douche in the dash cam footage from the arrest that was just released. Report on the arrest from Good Morning America:

While Zach Bryan was right to say that people have good reason to not like police officers, this particular cop seemed harmless and relatively decent as he was merely writing a speeding ticket, so it’s Bryan who comes off as obnoxious, especially when he says he knows all the sheriffs and gave them free tickets to his concert. Groan. Longer dash cam footage showing more of the arrest and conversation:

The cop was polite and gave Zach Bryan the option of getting back in his truck or going to jail, so this was all obviously his own fault. In fairness, I was probably just as stupid and self-important when I was 27 years old (not to mention 37 years old, and possibly right now). And, to his credit, Zach Bryan posted the below video and admitted he was being an idiot, so it’s good to see he’s self-aware and not delusional: