Couple Files Lawsuit After Finding Hidden Cameras In Maryland Airbnb Where They Fucked

Posted July 27, 2023 by with 2 comments

The couple admit that they had sex in the Airbnb, so now they’re worried that their on-camera fuckfest will be circulating online. The lesson here is obviously not to fuck in someone else’s house. Airbnbs are thankfully on their way out, with steep declines in revenues over the last year. Just stay in a hotel and stop funding greedy landlords and corporate investors who buy up homes for rental/Airbnb profits, when American families facing a housing shortage could actually be living in those homes.

Via Fox5:

Court documents reveal the couple “were intimate while in the shared bathroom” then “laid down on the bed, put a movie on and began to relax.”

All of a sudden they noticed a smoke detector above the bed in the middle of the ceiling, and another one in the corner — which made them grow suspicious. After taking it down, they realized it was actually a hidden camera. The pair found an identical one in the bathroom.


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