Czech Priest Chops Off Own Penis After Tick Bite Causes Psychosis

Posted January 11, 2024 by with 1 comment

(image of Joel Birkin—who is not the priest in the Czech Republic who chopped off his own penis, thank god!—via BelAmi, where Joel once played a priest in a movie)

This is horrifying, via DailyMail, of course:

A Czech priest severed his own penis with a knife after being driven psychotic by a tick bite.

The unnamed priest was found in his home in a small village in Českobudějovick, after friends feared for his life when he failed to show up to prearranged plans.

Firefighters were forced to break through three doors to get to the priest, who was found with severe injuries to his genitals.


He must’ve lost a lot of blood and been alone for quite some time. Sadly, the priest had to be put into a coma due to developing tick-borne encephalitis, and his condition is currently unknown.