Who Is The Hottest New Raging/Falcon Exclusive?

Posted July 28, 2014 by with 8 comments

falcon raging

In the last 10 days, Raging Stallion/Falcon Studios has announced the signing of 78,000,000 new exclusives. Just kidding, they announced four. But four is a lot—especially in less than two weeks—and it’s never been done before. How are we supposed to keep track of all this dick, and does each new announcement overshadow the one before it? Hopefully not.

Two of the four new exclusives are familiar faces who’ve been working in gay porn for several years. The other two are brand new. To help remind you of who’s who and—most importantly—to determine who is ultimately the hottest of the four new Raging Stallion/Falcon Studios exclusives, please cast your vote in the poll below.


1. Dario Beck


2. David Benjamin


3. Brian Bonds


4. Johnny V



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