Daytime Emmy Awards Honor Psychotic Bigot Pat Robertson In “In Memoriam” Segment

Posted December 16, 2023 by with 10 comments

When this dead fuck’s face popped up on my screen while watching last night’s Daytime Emmy Awards on CBS, I honestly thought it was a joke at first, and I was waiting for someone to start laughing and/or his face to be burned up, or something. But no, this was legit, and the delusional idiots producing the telecast honestly thought that an entire crowd of either LGBT or LGBT-friendly daytime TV stars would want to pay tribute to an evangelical lunatic who used his fringe television show to terrorize gay people, women, and minorities for decades (not to mention scam grandma out of her life savings by donating to his ponzi scheme “church”). Never mind the fact that literally 99.999% of the viewers at home watching an awards show for soap operas and talk shows are gay as hell, and they definitely aren’t interested in honoring Pat Robertson.

Here’s the “In Memoriam” segment from last night’s show, which features a truly tone deaf intro from Connie Chung, who makes a crude joke about how she’s happy she’s not one of the people who’s dead. Keep in mind that several of the deceased people in the package were quite young and died tragically, including Tyler Christopher, Billy Miller, and Stephen Boss. This is actually fucking insane?

In addition to the Robertson and Chung issues, the people who made the tribute completely screwed up the title cards (do they even work in daytime TV?) by not listing the proper TV shows on which several of the stars worked. For example, Andrea Evans became a legend for her long run on One Life To Live, not the horrendous joke that was Passions. Billy Miller was just as well known for General Hospital as he was Y&R. And no mention of Days for John Aniston? Also, they had room for psychopath Robertson, but not Pee Wee Herman, who revolutionized children’s daytime TV in the 1980’s? What an inexcusable mess.