Delta Passenger Strips Naked During Mid-Flight Meltdown Over Face Mask

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You have to wonder, are all of these lunatics on airplanes already on the cusp of having meltdowns for other mental health issues, and being asked to wear a face mask is what finally sends them over the edge? Simply being asked to wear a mask (to protect fellow human beings) can’t be the only thing causing these psychotic breaks? Also, I haven’t read about people from other countries losing their minds mid-air like this, so it must strictly be an American thing. Why are Americans so fucking insane? Via DailyBeast:

A passenger on a Delta Air Lines flight from Ireland to New York City “repeatedly refused to wear a facemask despite being asked dozens of times” by the flight crew, at one point stripping down to “moon” his fellow travelers, according to a criminal complaint unsealed Friday.

Shane McInerney’s alleged public meltdown took place on Jan. 7, while Delta flight number 45 was making its way across the Atlantic from Dublin to JFK airport, the complaint states.

In addition to endangering himself and others by going maskless, McInerney “threw an empty beverage can, which hit the head of Individual-1, who was a passenger on the above-referenced flight,” and “kicked the back of the passenger seat in front of him, disturbing Individual-2, another passenger,” the filing continues.

McInerney then allegedly walked from his economy-class seat to the first class section of the plane, where he “complained about his food to Individual-3, one of the flight attendants; and—in the process of being escorted back to his seat—pulled down his pants and underwear and exposed his buttocks to Individual-3 and passengers sitting nearby.”

McInerney was arraigned in Brooklyn federal court, where he was formally charged with interference with flight crew members, and released on $20,000 bond. The offense carries a maximum penalty of up to 20 years in prison.

[DailyBeast: Delta Passenger Moons His Fellow Travelers in Insane Mask Meltdown]

The video below is obviously not McInerney’s incident, but it’s still probably my favorite mid-air meltdown to date. “Now you’re double going to jail!” makes me cry laughing: