Dementia Don: Trump Confuses Nikki Haley With Nancy Pelosi And Blames Her For January 6th

Posted January 21, 2024 by with 2 comments

Donald Trump this weekend, confusing Nikki Haley with Nancy Pelosi, and blaming Haley for not putting National Guard troops at the Capitol to prevent the terrorist attack that Trump launched against the United States on January 6th:

Nikki Haley of course seized on Trump’s dementia and responded later this weekend, as seen here:

Haley is a horrid asshole who can rot in hell, but it is somewhat gratifying to see her insulting Trump and pointing out the objective fact that people who are 80 years old should not be president. She could and should be going in a lot harder on him, of course, but she’s an idiot who’s too afraid to offend his base, sadly.