DeSaster: Meatball Ron Fires 1/3 Of Campaign Staff

Posted July 25, 2023 by with 4 comments

For all the hell and torment this loser has caused, at least Ron DeathSantis inadvertently brings a little bit of joy to the world by letting us watch him fail so miserably over and over again. Via Politico:

Ron DeSantis’ presidential campaign is expanding the number of staff it’s cutting to include more than a third of his payroll as the Florida governor looks to get his primary bid back on track.

The cuts, which were confirmed by advisers, will amount to a total of 38 jobs shed across an array of departments. They will include the roughly 10 event planning positions that were announced several weeks ago, in addition to the recent departures of two senior DeSantis campaign advisers.

“Following a top-to-bottom review of our organization, we have taken additional, aggressive steps to streamline operations and put Ron DeSantis in the strongest position to win this primary and defeat Joe Biden,” DeSantis campaign manager Generra Peck said in a statement. “Gov. DeSantis is going to lead the Great American Comeback and we’re ready to hit the ground running as we head into an important month of the campaign.”


Lol. That quote…it’s giving

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