Diamond Of “Diamond And Silk” Fame Is Dead

Posted January 9, 2023 by with 30 comments

The MAGA bimbo (seen to the left of her racist king, above) likely died due to COVID, as she’d been hospitalized with it last month. The news of her death was shared tonight by the orange ghoul himself:

Here were the three clowns meeting for the first time during Trump’s 2016 campaign:

And here were Diamond and Silk sharing their extremely valuable opinions on the Obama White House portraits, as well as the topic of men in drag:

Like the MyPillow Crackhead and so many other freaks, Diamond and Silk have been successful grifters throughout the Trump era, and even though one of them is now dead, the grift will obviously continue. It’s not clear what this money is going to be used for, but a “Diamond Memorial” was of course launched within minutes of the death announcement:

Re$t in peace.

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