Did Homosexual Grifter Ryan James Yezak Spend His Kickstarter Donations On This Gaycation With Davey Wavey?

Posted October 29, 2014 by with 15 comments


Remember Ryan James Yezak, the self-proclaimed filmmaker who raked in $176,354 in Kickstarter donations to make a documentary about how gay men can’t get married? That documentary, Second Class Citizens, was funded with over $176K back in March, 2012, which is a long time ago! Second Class Citizens had an estimated release date of January 2013, but here it is, nearly November of 2014, and still no Second Class Citizens!

Over 4,200 individual donors (some of whom gave Ryan James Yezak $1,000 or $3,000 or even $10,000) might be wondering where the movie is, not to mention the “rewards” they were promised for donating, but today—over two and a half years after Second Class Citizens was funded—we finally have a clue as to what Ryan James Yezak might have done with their $176,354: He produced a sexy dance video while on vacation with Davey Wavey in Palm Springs.

Uploaded to Yezak’s YouTube channel on September 30th, maybe this is actually bonus footage for the documentary that will illustrate how it feels being a repressed, white gay male who’s just trying to go on vacation like everyone else?

Palm Springs is perfect this time of year, and that resort looks truly first class, so it’s great that Ryan’s able to enjoy it all with his friends and take some time off from what I’m sure must be a grueling, three-year-long production schedule on Second Class Citizens. Keep up the hard work!

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