Did Nick Capra Get Dakota Wolfe Kicked Out Of HustlaBall?

Posted October 2, 2014 by with 17 comments

dakota nickWe might be one step closer to solving the biggest mystery in gay porn—Who Had Dakota Wolfe Kicked Out Of HustlaBall?—thanks to some cryptic tweets from gay porn legend and current Brent Corrigan fuck buddy, Nick Capra.

If Nick Capra’s face can still move, it was probably smiling yesterday when Str8UpGayPorn reported that controversial bottom Dakota Wolfe had been cut from the HustlaBall NYC line-up. Capra took to Twitter last night to express his happiness with the news:

capratweet1As you’ll recall, Capra and Wolfe have a troubled history together. Earlier this summer, the two were embroiled in a nasty Twitter war after Capra accused Wolfe of leaking gay porn stars’ HIV statuses. Was getting Dakota Wolfe kicked out of HustlaBall Nick Capra’s ultimate revenge? (Capra is one of the event’s featured performers, so he undoubtedly holds some sway over who’s on the line-up.)

dakota outRegardless of what happened with Dakota Wolfe, maybe the bigger question surrounding this year’s HustlaBall is if Nick Capra will be performing a live sex show with Brent Corrigan dressed as himself or Brent Corrigan dressed as his drag queen alter ego, “Mena”?


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