Diesel Washington: “Petty TitanMen Erasing Me From Promo Images”

Posted May 2, 2016 by with 50 comments

titanmAfter a brief stint as an exclusive, Diesel Washington announced that he was leaving TitanMen last March when the studio—according to Diesel—reneged on a deal to feature him in a superhero-themed movie. Now, Diesel Washington is speaking out against the gay porn studio again, this time because they’ve seemingly erased all mention of him from promo materials for their upcoming release, Rough Trade, in which he stars with Jesse Jackman.

titan1 titan2 titan3 titan4 titan5 titan6 titan7Thanks to Diesel Washington, TitanMen has received more attention over the last six months than they probably have over the last six years. With the release of Rough Trade, Diesel’s final TitanMen feature, it’s unclear how the ancient studio will attract attention. Maybe by releasing a bareback scene?