Dipshit Anti-Vax Actor Fired From General Hospital Goes On Tucker Carlson’s Show, Because Of Course

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I’ve been a casual GH viewer for years, and Ingo Rademacher as Jax had some good storylines, so it sucks to see him stoop so low and welcome “sympathy” from this racist Fox sleaze:

During an interview with Tucker Carlson streaming today, former General Hospital star Ingo Rademacher likened Covid to “a serious flu bug,” asserted without evidence that vaccines don’t “do a good job at stopping the spread” of the coronavirus, and speculated that Disney/ABC would have canceled the long-running soap if conservative cast members refused, en masse, to comply with the vaccine mandate.

The GH cast “kind of knew that the mandates were coming a few months ago because Disney had already started mandating for their theme park employees,” Rademacher said during the taped interview for Tucker Carlson Today on the Fox Nation streaming site, adding that although he received private support from some cast members and crew, a unified stance could have resulted in cancellation.

“Let’s say everybody was standing up for me,” Rademacher said, “if we were all linking arms together and said, ‘We’re not taking this vaccine,’ Disney would have just canceled the show. That’s what I believe. We’re kind of that show over here on the side that has a slot. We’re always walking on thin ice.”

Rademacher offered no evidence to support the speculation about possible cancellation. Only two cast members – Rademacher and Steve Burton – were fired over their refusal to get vaccinated.

Rademacher went on to offer boilerplate anti-vax phrases – “This is about basic human rights and the medical freedom to choose” – and said, “Taking this vaccine goes against everything I believe in and how I live my life.”

“Western medicine has its place, I think, but we try to avoid it as much as possible because it’s not preventative, so we use alternative medicines in the entire family,” the actor said.

At one point, Carlson referred to Disney as “corporate monsters.” Fox News requires its employees to be vaccinated or submit to daily testing.

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