Dogs Flee As Missiles Rain Down On Ukrainian Animal Shelters

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Via Mirror:

As missiles rain down on Ukraine, terrified cats and dogs are struggling to cope with the loud noises and constant waves of devastation. A brave group of volunteers has elected to stay behind and support the animals – some of which had to be left behind by desperate families fleeing the war.

Across the globe, aid groups have banded together to help support the humans and animals affected by the atrocities. This includes The International Fund for Animal Welfare (IFAW) which was already supporting three animal shelters in Ukraine. The group is now desperately trying to support the 1,100 dogs living in a precarious war zone, with dwindling food supplies and little access to medical care.

Already their two main shelters have faced a barrage of missiles, which has killed many dogs and cats.

James Sawyer, the charity’s regional director, told The Mirror: “The most helpful thing right now is to provide local groups with resources. We can’t put boots on the ground, it’s too dangerous.”

The group has long-standing relationships with Ukrainian animal shelters and has been supporting them since the 2014 Russia-Ukraine conflict.

“The shelters workers are currently still in place and we will provide resources so they can carry on caring for the dogs. The conditions are very difficult,” James said.

Staff say they are too afraid to cook hot food for the dogs because the fire could draw unnecessary attention to the shelter, so are desperate for dry food.

On March 1, the other main shelter, Pif, located in Donetsk in eastern Ukraine, was badly damaged after being attacked by Russian soldiers, with “many dogs and cats killed”.

While staff are still able to purchase supplies locally, the IFAW is aware this will not last and warn that “local supplies are running out”.

[Mirror: Dogs flee and supplies run low as missiles rain down on Ukrainian animal shelters]

Donations to IFAW can be made here.

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