Dolly Does Dallas: Dolly Parton Wears Skimpy Cheerleader Outfit While Performing At Football Game

Posted November 23, 2023 by with 5 comments

Apparently the Super Bowl was yesterday, but I thought they did that TV show in February? Maybe this was something else (the World Series? Olympics?), but I don’t care. All that matters is Dolly Parton was the halftime performer at the Texas event, and I love how she joked “Dolly does Dallas” before kicking off the show with “Jolene.” She looks really cute, but I forget how tiny she is, despite the iconic big boobs. Also, I’m not sure why she kept holding onto the platform while walking across the stage, and it made me nervous that she was having trouble walking or keeping her balance? Maybe there was something wrong with her shoes or the flooring. Thankfully, the (mostly lip-synced) performance went off without a hitch, and at 77 years old, the living legend is still at the top of her game:

(If the video in the above tweet doesn’t work, the NFL has it on their YouTube.)