Domino’s Pizza Delivery Man Arrested For Sexual Assault And Stalking

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Domino’s might want to screen their employees better, and maybe these parents shouldn’t let their young children open the door to strangers? Via KDVR:

A former Domino’s delivery driver and registered sex offender is facing a litany of charges after police say he repeatedly stalked two young girls in Fort Collins.

According to police, a Domino’s store manager first alerted police with a report of a concerned customer on Feb. 7. Detectives investigated and learned 21-year-old Cyrus Warren delivered pizza to a family at the Village Green Apartments on Dec. 6 and Dec. 22.

Two young daughters answered the door individually for the two visits. The second time, when the younger daughter answered, Warren asked if her parents were home, asked for a hug, picked the girl up and gave the child his contact information, offering babysitting services, according to police.

Warren came back to the home on Feb. 7 but wasn’t in work attire. When Warren asked if the young girl’s parents were home and if he could come inside and use the bathroom, the girl refused and locked the door.

The other daughter noticed the door handle moving several times, as if Warren was trying to get inside the home, according to police. The family then contacted Domino’s about Warren and learned that he quit months earlier and was no longer employed.

Warren is facing charges of felony stalking and attempted first-degree trespass.

This isn’t Warren’s first incident of accused troubling behavior. Fort Collins Police Services investigated a December incident when a woman claimed Warren asked to hang out, but drove her to a secluded location and sexually assaulted her. Police investigated, and Warren was arrested for sexual assault.

[KDVR: Fort Collins Domino’s driver charged with sexual assault, stalking]

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