Don Lemon Forced To Apologize For Calling Dumb Bitch Nikki Haley Old

Posted February 16, 2023 by with 5 comments

Did you hear? Worthless MAGA whore Nikki Haley is running for President in 2024, and while everyone on earth (including her) knows her campaign will be over by the first primary one year from now, being a “woman” who’s running for President in a party that would rather see women chained up in kitchens while being forced to give birth to their rapists’ babies is a great way to make Republicans appear “diverse,” plus, it gives Nikki—whose parents are Indian immigrants and whose real name is Nimrata Randhawa Haley, but don’t you dare call her that in public! it’ll scare off the white supremacists (a.k.a. the Republican base)—a chance to make headlines as she prepares for her role as a Fox News (or maybe OAN) analyst and a well-paid public speaker immediately after suspending her campaign next February.

After Haley announced her vanity campaign for President this week, CNN’s Don Lemon took issue with her claim that other politicians (i.e., Biden, Trump) are too old and not in their “prime,” and things quickly went downhill from there, as seen here during CNN’s “CNN This Morning”:

First of all, viewers could barely stomach the egomaniacal Lemon during prime time when he had his own show by himself, but now CNN has him on first thing in the morning when people are trying to wake up, and he has to share the spotlight with two other anchors? He must be losing his mind. Second, the point he’s making about Haley isn’t that offensive or wrong. At 51, Haley is decidedly middle-aged, so what gives her the right to criticize someone for being 25 years older than her? By that logic, someone who’s 30 years old can call Haley an old bag. Of course, Lemon couldn’t articulate his point without sounding like an idiot (“just Google it!”) and a misogynist. Worst of all, Lemon played right into Haley’s hands and gave her another chance to make headlines:

Don Lemon was forced to issue a semi-apology earlier today:

The only question left is which will be over first: Nikki Haley’s campaign or Don Lemon’s CNN gig? I predict Lemon will be yanked off the morning show first, sometime within the next six months.

Meanwhile, here was Nimrata Randhawa pledging her loyalty to her MAGA king during a press conference in 2021, in which she announced that she would support Donald Trump for President in 2024, and that she would NOT run for President if he were also running. Oops: