Don Lemon Married In New York With Disgraced Guests In Attendance

Posted April 7, 2024 by with 8 comments

Right-wing tabloid DailyMail is so shady and so often full of shit, but they’re often hilarious. Their headline and subheadings for Don Lemon’s wedding this weekend:

Don Lemon marries Tim Malone as his disgraced A-list friends Matt Lauer, Alec Baldwin and Jeff Zucker look on. Don Lemon, 58, wed Tim Malone, 40, on Saturday at Fifth Avenue Presbyterian Church. The couple had an intimate ceremony ahead of a glitzy reception at Ralph Lauren’s Polo bar. Disgraced sex pest broadcaster Matt Lauer, fired CNN boss Jeff Zucker and accused killer Alec Baldwin were among the illustrious attendees. The grooms were seen beaming as they exited the church carrying their three beloved dogs who were part of the occasion.


Photos of the accused killer, sex pest, and more wedding guests at the link. Half the cast of The View was there.

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