Don Lemon Reportedly “Apoplectic” Following Variety Exposé On Misogyny, Threatens To Sue

Posted April 6, 2023 by with 7 comments


CNN’s Don Lemon is reportedly weighing a possible lawsuit over a bombshell expose in Variety that alleged he has a history of threatening and demeaning female colleagues such as Soledad O’Brien, Kyra Phillips and Nancy Grace.

The embattled “CNN This Morning” co-host, who recently got into hot water over making sexist on-air comments, is “apoplectic” about Variety’s report and has “consulted attorneys about a possible lawsuit” against the entertainment publication, Insider reported Wednesday.

“They’ve known for years,” added a second media source, referring to CNN. “Lemon is not going to sue because then they’d have to depose people and more stuff could come out.”

[NY Post via Insider]

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