Donald J. Trump Wins New Hampshire Primary, Locking Up Republican Nomination For President

Posted January 23, 2024 by with 9 comments

On the one hand, I wanted Nikki Haley to win New Hampshire so it might cause Donald Trump to have a meltdown, and possibly a deadly heart attack. On the other, if Nikki Haley had won New Hampshire and somehow went on to become the Republican nominee for president, she would’ve had a much stronger chance of winning against the Democrat in November, so her loss tonight is for the best. Via AP:

No candidate for president has won Iowa and New Hampshire and not become the nominee, so, Haley will drop out in the next few weeks (if not the next few days), and Trump will be the nominee. But, Trump won’t attract any new voters in the general election, so he’s dead in the water. The bad news for Democrats is that no one gives a shit about Joe Biden either, so he’s dead in the water, too. With Trump as the nominee, the Democratic party would actually be in a fantastic position to win—if they replaced Biden with someone fresh, young, and mentally competent. If they stick with Biden and force the nation to sit through another Trump/Biden showdown, they are completely clueless. No one in their right mind wants to look at these geriatric shitshows squabbling incoherently for the next ten months, and at least 60% of the electorate will be staying home come November. To the Democratic party: Leave Biden on the ballot at your peril. Replace him with virtually anyone under the age of 65, and you’re literally guaranteed a win.