Donald Trump Introduces Son Barron At Florida Klan Rally

Posted July 10, 2024 by with 15 comments

Now that he’s 18, I guess his father felt it was time to throw Barron Trump into his grotesque world of racist psychopaths, convicted felons, and serial rapists. It’s funny to think that the orange pig was fucking Stormy Daniels while Barron was still in his whore mom’s belly, and I wonder if he cares that his dad cheated on his mama Melania? Probably not. No one in this family gives a shit about anything except themselves. Video from tonight’s klan rally in Florida:

ICYMI at the :34-second mark, it’s funny to see lunatic bimbo Kimberly Guilfoyle (who used to be married to Gavin Newsom, but is now fucking coked out Don Jr.) raising her eyebrows and giving a deranged smile while looking like she wants to ride Barron’s cock. Who knows, maybe she already devirginized him while cuck Don Jr. sat in the corner and watched? Also note that the MyPillow crackhead, another convicted felon, is sitting behind KKKim while Don Jr. looks like he’s about to have an aneurysm due to how jealous he is of the 18-year-old half brother he has to compete with thanks to his daddy’s mail-order bride. May they all rot in hell, ASAP.

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