Donald Trump Pleads Not Guilty To 37 Federal Charges After Being Arrested In Florida, Faces Over 400 Years In Prison

Posted June 13, 2023 by with 6 comments

The livestream above should continue throughout the process today, and it’ll convert to a recorded version once it’s all over. As of now, at about 12:00 p.m. EST, Donald Trump is under arrest and in federal custody awaiting arraignment after being indicted for conspiring to obstruct justice and conspiring to withhold top secret documents at his home in Florida, amongst dozens of other federal charges. He faces over 400 years in prison if convicted on all 37 counts. [Added: He’s now pleaded not guilty and has been released from custody on a personal recognizance bond with no travel restrictions.]

With all the focus on how corrupt and evil he is, it didn’t really occur to me until last week that Trump is one of the worst, most inept criminals of all time. This bumbling idiot has had two separate indictments and two arrests in two different venues in nearly two months, and don’t forget the civil judgment just last month in which Trump, the Mr. Magoo of orange rapists looking to trade nuclear secrets, was found liable for sexual abuse. Maybe more than his obliviousness, it was probably his own hubris that was always going to be his downfall, wasn’t it? Getting away with all the bankruptcies, the fraud, the affairs, the rapes, the vote stealing, the coup attempts, the incitement of murderous riots…it all warped his already warped mind, and now it’s finally caught up with him. Well, not that this federal indictment will ever go to trial. With the help of the MAGA judge overseeing the case, Trump will be able to delay this until he’s either elected president in 2024 (at which point he’ll pardon himself), or until he’s dead. Keep your fingers crossed for that latter outcome ASAP. It’s the only way this 40+ year American nightmare will end.