Drama: Josh Moore’s Former Ex-Boyfriend Lashes Out At “Old Queens Being Shady,” Calls Sharok “Barney,” Says He Makes $50,000/Month

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Did you know that gay porn star Josh Moore and his boyfriend, LazzaratoXXX, broke up? Did you also know that gay porn star Josh Moore and his boyfriend, LazzaratoXXX, got back together? A lot can change in 48 hours on OnlyFans, but ICYMI, here was Josh announcing the new boyfriend (and their upcoming OnlyFans collabs) back in March:

While the couple enjoyed the month of April together in romantic OnlyFans bliss, things took a dramatic turn this week when LazzaratoXXX announced that he and Josh Moore had broken up (and that he was going on vacation to Brazil):

What caused the split? According to LazzaratoXXX, it was because Josh was not being faithful to him, even though Josh had asked him to be monogamous:

After announcing the break up, LazzaratoXXX says he was bullied by “old queens being shady,” although it’s not clear where or how said bullying was occurring. In terms of who was doing the alleged bullying, LazzartoXX said one of them was “someone whose face looks like Barney the dinosaur”

LazzaratoXXX then proceeded to reveal that he was talking about gay porn star Sharok, even tagging Sharok in his tweet and telling him he was “full of shit.” In another tweet with Sharok tagged, LazzaratoXXX wrote, “He’s putting his nose in between my fight with Josh…which is none of his business and Josh is in my bed now. […] I’ve [got] balls to face the clowns…”

Sharok is one of the most beloved and friendliest performers in the industry, so it would be surprising if these claims from LazzaratoXXX were true. Also, Sharok has posted nothing about Josh Moore and LazzaratoXXX’s break-up, so it’s not clear what has made LazzaratoXXX so upset. Perhaps it’s because Sharok recently filmed with Josh Moore while he was in the UK, and it made LazzaratoXXX jealous?

Sharok isn’t letting the attacks from LazzaratoXXX get to him, and he’s in fact taken the Barney comparison as a compliment: And as you might’ve guessed from LazzaratoXXX’s mention of Josh being back in bed with him, the two have since reconciled, and they are no longer broken up. Thank God:

In addition to the reunion, there’s more good news from LazzaratoXXX, who announced earlier this week that he earned $50,000 last month on OnlyFans:

LazzaratoXXX mentions doing collabs in this message that was posted when he and Josh were broken up a few days ago, but now that they’re back together and only filming monogamous content, can that revenue be maintained? Maybe they can film some three-ways (with Sharok?) to spice things up? Stay tuned!

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